Can anyone here give me an assistance of many other methods of how to log into

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    I've been a working as a preloader for almost 3 weeks and I already have my regular employee ID card. I've tried following instructions of how to log into upser and even after I followed all the instructions correctly, it still keeps on saying login failed, as if my employee ID is still not in their system, despite that I was still able to punch in on the UPS website on a computer in the preload office at work. Honestly, this is starting to frustrate and p*ss me off because I really want to check some important things in my upser account.
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    Try 867[employee ID#]5309 as your user name.

    If that doesn't work, better ask your HR person.
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    Not sure you have access yet. You may have to pass your probationary period, before you can login. Don't know this for sure, but a possibility. Go to your HR dept, they'll help you to login, if you are allowed.
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