Can I drive and be prego?


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In Vietnam they would squat down- have the baby and go back to planting rice. American women are soft---we should have never given them the right to vote.

we gave them the right on a trial basis we can take the right away.......that rib we gave them turned out to be a very expensive rib.....women won't be equal until the draft includes women and they are organized into amazon units until themselves...........I suggest you read the "gor" series by the visionary John Norman


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I'm just glad to see a driver that's pregnant.
Every woman that I ever knew or seen that drove for UPS were scary lookin and always had a chip on their shoulder because they didn't have a penis.


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I worked with a woman driver who worked up to 7 months. If its something you are used to the short answer is Yes. But it would be up to the doctor what your weight limit etc, is. Age, Fitness, no complications, etc