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  1. sutty

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    So, I ordered a 40 inch lcd television. I checked my tracking # and saw that there was an exception on my item which stated there was a delay in shipping. This was on a Sunday so I couldn't call UPS but I was curious so I called the place I ordered the TV from. They told me UPS broke our TV but they would send a new one out. The events that took place after that:

    Wednesday: UPS delivers working not broken TV.
    Thursday: UPS delivers TV #2.
    Saturday: Hadn't opened the box yet because I was sure they would want it back, I call the company told them what happened. Customer service rep says,"Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, your account says the TV has been returned. It would be more of a hassle to send the TV back now. YOU CAN KEEP IT" I asked her if she was serious and would this come back to kick me in the ass later. She said No way, keep the TV. So we opened the box, TV was not broken.
    Today: Note left by UPS, "Follow up on 40" TV.

    I tried to do the honest thing and they said keep it. Does UPS want the TV back? Are they just checking that I was satisfied with their delivery. Do I keep the TV? I keep it right?
  2. OldUPSDriver

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    Keep them both
  3. old brown shoe

    old brown shoe 30 year driver

    You can keep it if you want to pay for two TV's. Call the shipper and tell them to send a call tag to pick one of them up. That way they pay for the shipping on the return. Once they figure out their mistake they will be after you to pay for or return the TV. The hassle is not worth trying to be dishonest.
  4. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    that is outrageous!

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Can I have the extra 40" TV for my "Man Cave"?
  6. Harley Rider

    Harley Rider 30 yrs & counting

    The company you bought the TV from has filed a claim. That is why the driver is coming by to do the "follow up". You will have to sign on whether or not you received the first tv set. Do yourself a favor and sign that you got the TV. Then call the store and ask them to send a call tag and have it picked up. You will sleep better knowing you did the right thing. Did you not have to sign for the TV's when they were delivered?

    I can promise you that UPS will not let this drop easily if you did sign for the TV's.
  7. sutty

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    What do you mean? Outrageous that I'm asking if I have to give the TV back? Or outrageous that they sent me 2 beautiful TV's? I really am usually an honest person at least 96% of the time...but they said "Keep the tv."

    Do you think the UPS guy was just checking in to make sure I got the 2nd TV, he did leave it outside...the first one he put inside my front door.
  8. sutty

    sutty New Member

    Harley Rider,
    I didn't sign for either TV...I did call the store for a call tag and the csr told me it was more trouble to send the TV back than to just keep it, she even checked with her manager about the entire ordeal. I'm pretty proud of myself actually, I have been completely honest about this second TV...I never thought in a million years they would say keep it so I didn't even try to tell them a shady story...its just now that they have said keep it I want to...well I actually want to give it to my parents. I'm going to hell aren't I. I so want to keep it.
  9. cheryl

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    It's outrageous that you think that you can keep 2 tvs because someone else said you could. If someone told you to jump off a cliff would you do it? (I'm a mom, it's a natural reflex for me to say that when you blame your lack of character and poor judgement on someone else.)

    Being honest 96% of the time isn't good enough... go to your room.
  10. old brown shoe

    old brown shoe 30 year driver

    Most of the people you talk to on the phones are in call centers and not UPS employees so don't believe everything they tell you. They are probably getting a good laugh out of the information they gave you. You should always ask for a name or operator number when you talk to some one on the phone at a call center. It may come back to bite you later
  11. SmithBarney

    SmithBarney Well-Known Member

    IF the CSR you spoke to said keep the other TV, have them call UPS and cancel the follow up, have them tell UPS its been resolved.
  12. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    The whole thing is outrageous!

    Two things:
    (1) the shipper contacts UPS, UPS awknowledges a damage then the shipper sends another
    (2) UPS drops off 2nd TV, the compensation one, to the customer
    (3) The shipper engages UPS to pay whatever amount for the damaged item ( referenced by the insurance per item)

    The shipper will be looking for that bad boy soon (to the dismay of whatever driver's picking it up) :D----, unless somehow the claim was paid already in that short amount of time. I personally have not seen one finalized sooner than a week. Yes there are damage item exceptions and usually this process is longer than one week. I deal with this stuff daily...

    Unless this was deemed "unsalvagable" somehow....

    To the free TV sutty: Have a nice night, hope this helps
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  13. sutty

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    OK...but the someone who said I could keep the TV is from the company that sent it to me in the first place AND she said keep it with management approval...who better to tell me to keep it?? Your cliff question, if someone told me to jump off a cliff I would see about getting them arrested because really couldn't that be considered attempted murder? I think so.

    As for being honest 96% of the time...come on that's pretty damn good...and hey I will gladly go to my room...I have a 40 inch flat panel TV in there!
  14. Harley Rider

    Harley Rider 30 yrs & counting


    I understand what you are saying. UPS would not be coming by to check on the TV unless the shipper has submitted a claim. They are wanting UPS to pay for the first TV set or prove delivery. It would not surprise me if a person from UPS Loss Prevention doesn't show up at you door step to resolve the matter. My advice to you would be to answer honestly and let them know you got both TV's. UPS will then let the shipper know that both TV's were delivered.

    No matter what the person on the phone has told you I will bet they send a tag after one of them or ask you to pay for both of them. Seems pretty unlikely that they are willing to give away several hundred dollars. If they do then you are in the clear. At least UPS will not be hounding you anymore.
  15. happybob

    happybob Feeders

    I'm not really sure you are being dishonest. You contacted the shipper and they told you to kleep the second T.V.. Merry Christmas. However, please don't give away the T.V.. Not yet anyway. The follow up you mentioned the driver left for you. This is a claim form. You will have to sign this form styateing you didn't recieve the T.V. Now heres the catch. Someone, somewhere, screwed the pooch on this. Now comes the honesty. Contact U.P.S about the follow up, if you're not going to be home on the next deliivery day to sign it for the driver, and inform them you recieved the T.V.. This absolves you of being dishonest. You contacted the shipper and told them what happened, you've contacted U.P.S. and admitted you recieved the T.V. Now wait a week or so and see what shakes out. Best of luck on the free T.V. offer.
  16. Harley Rider

    Harley Rider 30 yrs & counting

    Rereading your input there is another scenario that might have occurred here:

    Once the shipper realized that the first TV was damaged, they sent the second one out thinking UPS was sending the first one back to them damaged. They then would file a claim with UPS on the damaged TV. UPS inspected the damaged TV and realized it was not damaged and sent it on to you. Then you got the second TV.

    The phone operator just told you to keep the TV because she (or the manager)thought that UPS was going to pay them for the TV "No Questions Asked." When UPS doesn't pay them for the TV I am sure they will want it back.

    Good luck to you. Let us know what happens next!
  17. sutty

    sutty New Member

    I'll tell ya what happens next, I'm taking the second TV and I'm going to go jump off a cliff. =)

    Well really I'm going to call UPS tomorrow and tell them the place I ordered the TV from said to keep it and if they do want it back I'm calling the place I got the TV from and am going to play the "Your CSR told me I could keep it card" and if that doesn't work I will just buy the damn thing because honestly I already gave it to my parents and they are in we'll see, hopefully it will end in my favor.
  18. IDoLessWorkThanMost

    IDoLessWorkThanMost New Member

    That's exactly what I just said...thanks.
  19. sutty

    sutty New Member

    So one more question for you knowledgeable, handsome (I'm assuming) men...So when UPS comes looking for my 2nd TV and I can't produce it they won't like arrest me will they? Whats the protocol, will they not leave until I give them what they want? You think I can bribe the driver with freshly made pumpkin bread? Really, should I just call them and not answer my door? Now I'm kinda scarrred...damn tv.
  20. Reddriver

    Reddriver New Member

    You dont have to be scared of the driver, he is just doing a follow up, he may already have the return call tag for it. I have had this happen several times deliver something one day and pick it up the next due to some mistake. I am sure you WILL have to