Can i lose my route?

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    I have a follow up doctor visit soon and I need to know if I can lose my route if company doctor takes me back off road after being off almost 90 days as a result of a fedex veh accident then working a week?

    Story:I was in an accident in my Fedexpress vehicle recently. after short of 90 days I was released by company contracted doctor. I have been working a short time ( a week) and I have an appt. soon for my follow up visit to doctor. I am still having some pain issues and I am worried about what might happen to my route and my employment at FedEx if doctors takes off road again??

    I am full time.I am experiencing pain but I can manage it for now.,but what can I tell my doctor at my appointment in a few days and can I see go back to that doctor after 180 days?

  2. Get a second opinion, from someone not in Fred's payroll.