Can management force you to work?


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Can management “force” tue-sat drivers to work on Monday?

Depends on your supplement. In most supplements, if they give you enough notice that you are scheduled they can discipline you for not showing up just like any other attendance infraction. They have to give prior notice, and if they are forcing people in, they have to do it bottom up in seniority.


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If you’re in the Central, YES. As long as they tell you Friday or Saturday or the schedule has been posted with you scheduled on Monday. Take the full 30 minute lunch and full 10 minute paid break everyday, Hopefully you get a short day Saturday.

They can’t force you if they call you on Monday and say we need you to come in.


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There's a schedule for a reason. This isn't an on call job. If it's your scheduled day off they can write you up but that would be aggressive discipline. That's your day off.

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Our local says Yes.

But if you grieve it it will be tossed in the trash.