Can SAT air driver be "bumped" by Cover??

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    I am an Air shuttle driver MON-FRI night and I also drive Saturday morning air. We have two drivers in our center that run every saturday. I usually average 3-5 hrs on Sat. while the other driver does the same plus an extra 2 hrs to go bring our Pickups to the main hub. I just recieved news that a cover driver that has not been getting hours will now be added as a third driver on SAT to cut everyones hours under 5 hrs. He claims he can bump me off my route and run it and that I have to come in in the afternoon and get less hours by doing the hub run. He has seniority over me, but from what I understand he is probably still considered a cover driver. Can he even do this??? Am I wrong in thinking that he would have to wait on a bid sheet, then bid Sat air, THEN he can bump me?
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    Look in Article 40 for your answer. Article 40 explains that FT drivers can work Saturday air and it is done by seniority.

    A FT driver , assuming you are PT, has seniority and is entitled to the work. If you are combo, depending on how your local/UPS handles seniority between FT drivers and different classifications, will depend whether you get bumped or not.

    You say you have less seniority, so that question is answered. If you did not get your guaranteed hours for the week, you are entitled to them. However, the FT cover who does not have 40 hours , plus has more seniority, should be able to bump you.

    Just going by what I have seen here in N.E. Not at all saying it is right or wrong in your case.
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    he is a cover driver and I believe listed as part time
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    What region are you in?
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    The OP is on a sixth punch on Saturdays.
    The cover driver has "not been getting hours". Maybe he is going to be Tues thru Sat? OP would be out of luck, I think.

    Not sure, just saying...
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    Well here they are very protective of the part timers . But if you had worked 40 already they would give a laid off full timer the saturday .
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    Well according to the union guy i talked to he can work it. I am not going into details (because i don't want to quote wrong and mislead anyone) but it's a done deal for now. Thanks guys!