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    (4) Full-time employees will receive one (1) year of Credited Service for each 1801 paid hours in
    Covered Employment in a calendar year beginning on or after January 1, 2008. Employees will
    receive partial years of Credited Service in monthly increments (i.e., one month if employee
    worked 150 or more hours in Covered Employment in that month). For purposes of earning
    service credit for the service pensions only, full-time employees will receive one week of service
    credit if he has one hour of service in Covered Employment. For service pensions only, if an
    employee has 0-19 weeks of service credit, he shall not receive any service credit for that calendar
    year. If he has 20-39 weeks of service credit, the amount of credit for that year will be equal to a​
    fraction the numerator of which is the number of weeks of credit and the denominator is 40. If the
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    What do you need explained, that was not explained in that paragraph? Its talking about your pension that you accrue.
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    It means you will get a full year or credit if you work more than 1801 hours in a year. If not they break it into months. Every month you worked more than 150hrs counts toward credit, every monthe under does not. So if you worked less than 1801hrs and had 4months over 150hrs each you would have 4/12ths or 1/3rd of a year towards your service pension.
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    I don't remember being told nor my co workers that our Credited Service will go from hours 1600 to 1801 .
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    It was in the contract..plain and simple..