Can some please shine some light for me?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Rowmonger, Jan 17, 2012.

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    I was a driver helper this past peak and a week after peak ended I went in to turn in my uniform. While I was there the HR lady asked if I wanted to go for a driver position. The following Monday I had a interview and a driving test( really sticky clutch and no powersteering) and past. Right after that I had a DOT. My question is does every candidate take the physical and were am I on the hiring process?
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    They must like you if they put you through this process. I'd call the H R person periodically. Also they are probably looking at you for the summer seasonal period from May through August.
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    Run. Fast. Before it's too late.
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    OK I've about had it with guys that come to the browncafe to ask stuff like this.UPS is a HUGE company with thousands of hubs.Each one has its own rules
    and have almost no relation to others.Why ask us? Why not ask the HR lady ? In some places they hire FT off the street in others it could take 10 years .
    Ask them not us.Sorry if I sound grumpy,I just don't understand why you never thought of this.Don't get me wrong,I wish you all the luck in the world but,
    this happens so often I had to say something.
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    I think there is a manual somewhere: trolls: a guide to asking the most annoying and repetitive questions.
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    The other thing the OP could do is to try searching and reading all the posts from people that posted THE EXACT SAME QUESTION.
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    Tempers seem to be flaring let's all have a drink tonight.
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    Geez. Canadians. :happy2:
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    thank you
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    Actually DS, you should cut this guy some slack. He might not be able to even get in touch with the HR lady as he is on the outside looking in.

    Save your grumpiness for the guys who have been with the company for 7 years and come on here and ask for information that can easily be gotten from a shop steward or co-worker in their own buildings.

    How many times did we have to tell such people to ask their shop stewards and they reply " Good idea, first thing on Monday" when that idea should have immediately occurred to them the minute they needed information?

    I get what you're saying, Ds. I just have a hunch it doesn't apply to this guy.
  12. hellfire

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    some people dont live on forums 24/7 and critique people who ask questions relative to the said forum. really, your mad about a ups question on a ups forum???,,, anyways they must like you, its not normal what they did,, good luck
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    First off, I am sorry for adding to the pile of dumb questions you guys have massing. After looking around I now see this question has been asked before. Seconded the reason I ask all of you instead of HR was simply she was not in the office last week and well I'm antsy to start working again. And thrid and finally there's what she tells me and what is reality, she likes to make things sound like there rainbows and unicorns and I wanted to see what the hiring procece was and where else should I ask a UPS question , you guys are the experts.
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    First of all there are no dumb questions.
    The first time you come to a site it can be over whelming. To those that it bothers to see the same question, scroll on by. I would not want to think about joining a site that I got attacked the first time I tried to use it.
    If his/her center is anything like mine, there is no one to ask about anything. We have no HR, no nurse, no ice machines, no lunch room, and a one seater for the chicks. So while they are all different centers, some have stuff others dont, and sometimes you find a site, Like BROWNCAFE to come and get help.
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    There is no way you typed that with a straight face.
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    Oh yes I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    She also believes the customer is always right.:wink2:
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    No I dont but for what I get paid and the 30 secs I have to spend with them, Ill give it to them. Let the OMS sort it out.
    "she said you were rude but you left so fast she isnt sure....."
    As I swear and cuss into the wind, and I feel much better