Can someone help me out?

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    I had an exam at 8:00 today and was supposed to be at work by 10:30, I didn't get to make it to work I'm still on probation period. I called after and didn't get an answer from anyone.. I got done at around 11:50 so decided not to go... Is this it for me? Am I getting fired.
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    Unless your commute to work is an hour, it would have been a good idea to come in anyway and explain the situation. Maybe they would have still needed you that day and it wasn't a big deal. Particularly since you couldn't reach anyone by phone. We have people show up to work all the time who then leave because they aren't feeling well, or ask to go home for other reasons. But they show up anyway. Obviously you couldn't, so coming in when you could would have been the next best option. If you feel this could be a reoccurring issue, I would recommend getting the personal phone numbers of your shift manager, your full time sup, and/or your immediate part time sup. Unless you already do have such numbers, and these were the people you couldn't reach?

    Anyway, what's done is done. Until you make seniority, they can fire you for anything, but of course that all depends on if they like you or not. Unless you have some target on your back you're probably fine.
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    There's no excuse for you to not have called into work. Contractually, all bargaining unit employees are required to call in at least an hour before their report time or as soon as reasonably possible. You probably knew you had this exam coming for at least the last 4-6 weeks; at the very least, you should have come in and showed your supervisor your class syllabus or had a note from your professor.

    As far as keeping your job.. honestly, it depends on how desperate they are for bodies. In my hub, we've had guys demonstrate they would be attendance problems or atrocious employees before they attained seniority and they still made book. In others, they'll let guys go for being late one day out of 30 or because they don't think they work fast enough.
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    No bueno, icy. If you can make it to the center before all the bodies are gone for the day I would try to go and explain it in person. Hopefully you still have a job tomorrow morning but, truthfully, this is a hit-or-miss situation.

    Good luck, though, and hopefully this is a lesson to always communicate that you'll be absent to an employer. When I was in school I don't think I had a single professor who wouldn't've let me make that call if necessary, provided I informed them of the situation prior to the exam.
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    UPS has a screening period for people like you.
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    Shoot, you wanted to quit in your other thread. Now you don't have to.
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    Why didn't u let management know yesterday that u had an exam and you would likely be late?
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    It is called an ANC (absent no call) aka no call no show. You can book off a lot with no time available as a part timer before you get in trouble but ANC can be fatal especially in your 30 days.
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    Sorry guys for asking really dumb question. It's just that I've never been in these situations and didn't know what to do.

    I did speak with my part-time SUP and he said it was fine I showed him the test, The phone lines weren't working during the times I called they had issues with the phone and belts working. He did say I'm a great worker at this point so it wasn't an issue. Thank you guys for answering some of my dumb questions.

    And the reason I forgot to notify the SUP's was because, While they were telling my PPH and talking to me I was going to tell them and it just slipped through my mind so I forgot. And then While I was done I had to go to a safety meeting and my mind just blanked from there totally forgetting.
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    Please help me, what article of the NMA is that one hour clause in? BC
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    And just about then, your dog ate your homework.
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  14. My hub will can you after your second no call no show while on probation. It might be different for you though.
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    Can anyone help? I have taken the drivers class back in April of 2012. My backround check was ok as well as my dmv record. I signed the bid list for full time, utility and air driver. I was told that at the time they did not have full-time availiable so I choose to do utility and sat air. I was told that I had High seniority and when a full time posistion became availiable I would be first in line. I had to go out on workmans comp in June 2012. I had major shoulder surgury and had been recoverying well. I had thought that peek season would be a good time to re-enter the work force since I had already passed the driving class and just needed to go out on my supervised training. Or be a helper. I had notified management that I had returned to work and was ready to start anytime. I was given my browns and was told I was going to be a helper for the next day and utility driver the following week. But never was called in. seeing that I wasnt going to be a driver anytime soon I had to realize that I had returned to soon to and could not work on the primary at that time. I had went back out on workmans comp. and returned in January. At which time I waited for HR notifiy me about being a driver. I recently went out a couple of times as a utility helper with supervisers as well as sat air. I was told I would only be doing air for three weeks but I had high seniority and was first in line for full-time driver. Here it is almost may and after all the loop holes I have been jumping through I was told to re- apply, week after week I was told that my background check had not come in and I was being passed up by someone with less seniority than I. I finally was told I was not eligiable. There was no change in my background than when I had applied in April. My question is should I have been driving when I had returned and why was I made to re apply when I had already be cleared with my current appication before I took the class? What should I do now?