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    Why is it that FedEx ground supervisors and contractors tell you that you can drive 70 hours a week when Dot Rules and Regulations tells you its 60 hours for a consecutive 7 day period.
    Last time I checked we work 5 days in a 7 day period so we should not be driving over 60 hours. This just goes to show you how much they have your best intrest at heart.. Ya right.
    If you are working over 60 stop we all need to remember that it is our DOT Liscense to lose and not that of Fed EX or your contractors.
    It does state you can work 70 hours for a 8 consecutive day period but we do not fall in that category.
    I know you cannot drive over 60 hours at UPS and the Express driver told me that they dont drive over 55 hours so they cant even come close to 60. Why would it be diffrent for Ground? I realize that we work for contractors but rules and regulations of DOT should be followed by all.
  2. Washu234

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    It really depends on who drives the route. Sounds like a case of a contractor buying the route and illegally exploiting a hired driver.

    If this is the case with you I'd report the guy to FedEx. I don't know how Ground H/R works but there's gotta be a procedure of some sort in place. If you own the route and FedEx is feeding you this - report them to the DOT.

    Hope things work out.
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    Now this is funny Fed Ex Ground is saying that UPS works 60 hours a week because its something worked out with the union and DOT. So I asked why is Express allowed to work 60 hours he then pulled at a piece of paper thats says you can work 70 hours a week but obviously edited out the 8 consecutive days part. The must think we are all idiots. So I printed up the right one and going to give it to them
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    Might be different regulations. Pittsburgh has way too many lawyers to miss something like that. Unless you think they are all idiots.:wink2:
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    Bbsam let me ask you this question how many hours are your drivers allowed to drive? I am thinking 60 since we all fall under the US D.O.T. So why would a Fed Ex supervisor say its 70. Misinformed a moron I really dont know. The bottom line is they dont care as long as the packages get delivered and they get their bonuses they dont take into consideration that the contractor gets fined I get fined and could lose my DOT liscense for up to a year. They are screwing with the livleyhood of tons of employees. I dont know how it is where you are but in California they dont take those kind of violations lightly. So what would you suggest? Knowing that UPS and FEDEX Express employees follow the rules and regulations because it comes back on them. In this case it would come back on you and FedEX Ground would play dumb because they wouldn't be in trouble because you are the boss.
  6. Fedex Driver

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    has anyone ever worked 70 hours in 8 days?
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    I have got over 70 hours of pay in 5...HA
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    I would check the exact wording of the regulation. I understand the question b/c I've wondered the answer myself and in the interest of keeping myself pretty much on the sidelines, my drivers' routes seldom run over 10 hrs a day and never over 12. And Fedex is very culpable for violations. Just like HazMat DOT violations.
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    DOT rules are either 60 hours in 7 days or 70 hours in 8 days. Both are valid but you only follow one or the other until you meet DOT requirements that allow you to switch. Also, you've possibly misunderstood the rule as you've used "drive" and "work" 60 hours. "Drive" is the key word here. If you are using 60/7, then you cannot drive over 60 hours in 7 days but you can still work over 60 depending on your companies policies.
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    I am sorry for the mix up quadro I was on the road 70 hours last week. When I brought it to the attention of somone they pulled out ( this is funny) the Fed Ex Ground driver Employee handbook that says we can drive 70 hours even though we work a 5 day week. The same supervisor told me he did not give a crap what I did because I am not his employee. He doesnt care as long as the packages get delivered and he gets his bonus, while I get the same crap pay for 70 hours that I do for 45. So I went out and did it because finding a job in this economy is not easy. I was so tired driving in last Friday I kept nodding off what they dont seem to understand is the human body can only take so much in a week. I guess it will never get revistied until we kill someone god forbid, because we are so exhausted. But hey as long as they get there bonuses who cares right:happy-very:


    And NOW you understand the PSP philosophy!!
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    Call your local highway patrol office office and ask to speak to a commercial vehicle inspector. Tell the inspector, anonymously, that the local Fed Ex ground terminal is forcing you to break the hours of service laws. If you have timecards that show all your times, he/she will be very interested in making a visit to your depot.

    I used to turn in one of the DHL contractors fairly frequently. They used to leave a trailer at one of my stops that had bald tires. Everytime it was there, I called the highway patrol. One time, the inspector got there before I was done loading. He tagged the trailer out-of-service.

    DOT fines are expensive.......
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    Your work week is irrelevant. All that matters is that you don't work over 70 hours in 8 days. If you work all 70 in 5 days, so be it. Just as long as you don't violate the DOT rules for number of hours in a day and time off between shifts. Read the rules and you'll figure it out.
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    Did you drive more then 14 hours in one day? 14 hours 1 minute is illegal.

    At Express if I handle in the morning and drive in the afternoon doesn't matter I have to be off the clock before the 14 hour mark even if I work 1 hour break 12 hours and come on for 1 more hour I absolutely cannot go to 14:01 'on the clock (including break)'.

    Did you take appropriate breaks? I believe this is different from state to state but check your labor laws.

    I'm really sorry you're getting the shaft. Like honestly, its not fair and I feel bad that I work for the same company as you but your side treats you so awfully. I hope things get better for you.
  15. COSMOS

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    Hours of Service Rules11-Hour Driving LimitMay drive a maximum of 11 hours after 10 consecutive hours off duty. 14-Hour LimitMay not drive beyond the 14th consecutive hour after coming on duty, following 10 consecutive hours off duty. Off-duty time does not extend the 14-hour period. 60/70-Hour On-Duty LimitMay not drive after 60/70 hours on duty in 7/8 consecutive days. A driver may restart a 7/8 consecutive day period after taking 34 or more consecutive hours off duty.