Can the Union help get my job back?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Ups_nooe93, Mar 25, 2015.

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    I quit ups thinking I was moving out of state 3 weeks ago. I gave them my two weeks notice, so I can leave in good terms. It turns out im not moving and I want to continue working at UPS as a part time preloader. My question is, Can the Union help me get my job back? Ive been there for 2 years before quitting. The hub is in California: local union 396..
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    You would be a more hire
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  5. You're going to be SOL. If you found out before your last day you may have been able to get it back. But you'll have to start from scratch. You've already probably been cleared from the timecard system and offboarded.

    As long as you you left on good terms and didn't get tagged "No Rehire" you can reapply if you wish.
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    Darn, Thanks
  7. Ups_nooe93

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    Why don't you go to the building you worked at and talk to the HR person and or your boss. It wouldn't hurt. You said you left on good terms so if you where a good worker, showed up to work everyday and didn't get into trouble there is a possibility they could give you your job back like you never left. Just tell them things changed that you could control. You got nothing to lose.
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  9. Ups_nooe93

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    I left on good terms, but even I wouldnt consider myself a good worker... So talking with hr is out of the question LOL

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  11. Indecisi0n

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    Why would you give notice without knowing for sure you are moving?
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  12. Gumby

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    Sock allowance, promise.
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  13. Cementups

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    I would say no but it never hurts to make some calls. Even call your old sup and see what he says. If you were on good terms, maybe they could work something out. Otherwise, good luck.
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  14. rod

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    Those below you on the seniority list who moved up a notch would fight it for sure.
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  15. UPSGUY72

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    Well it looks like you can chalk this one up as a learning experience or not.

    Just a little FYI if you weren't a good worker you didn't leave on good terms. Usually when you leave on good terms in the future you could go back and they hire you back. Saying talking to the HR people is out of the question speaks volume.

    Good luck at your new job....
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  16. EasyTrucker

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    I can't count on two hands the number of times I gave my two weeks notice when I was a, it was a running joke!
  17. clean hairy

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    You asked if the Union could get your job back.
    Why are you on here asking us, why don't you call the Union and ask them?
  18. SaladTosser

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    I've seen 2 people leave and come back. And they both lost their seniority.
  19. bleedinbrown58

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    So you're probably on the No rehire what exactly do you expect the union to do for you?
  20. jibbs

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    I don't think he made this thread expecting anything other than an answer to the question "Can the union help me get my job back?"

    It's a reasonable thought. I mean, he's not paying them now but he did fork over a good portion of his UPS income to the union-- it's not much of a stretch to hope that they might be able to help a member retain their job after a mistake.

    I do think OP's SOL with regard to retaining his job, seniority, pay rate and benefits, though, regardless of what the union might be able to help with. There's a chance they could get you back in, I suppose, so I wouldn't give up if I were in your shoes, OP. I just think you're in a situation where the company, if they want you back, would much rather rehire you than than they would reinstate you.

    [Addition-Edit: Oh! And I'm seriously not trying to be a dick here, but you'd get more concrete answers from speaking to someone from your local about this. A union steward, at least, because he or she'd be able to get you in touch with the people best-equipped to handle this issue, if there's anything they're willing and/or able to do about it. I would hope you'd have at least one of your stewards' contact information... not sure the best way to go about getting that info as an ex-employee, though....]
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