Can this be true?

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    Was reading a blurb on the web site while looking at text books. Read the bottom statement about UPS shipping. Can this be true about some of our drop boxes? I hope not. I'm in Feeder so I wouldn't know. ImageUploadedByBrownCafe1438719536.038420.jpg
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    No. We run reports every night to check if they are complete. Just missing one is a big deal
  3. realbrown1

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    This is not true.

    Drop boxes are scheduled pick ups that we have to scan after the posted pick up time every workday.
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    Number three.
  5. upsbeernut

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    Number 6 cant be true! Thats a daily pickup.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    They have to be scanned or, you guessed it, it will show up on a report.

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    Is it true there are 3 of these threads?
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    Ok thanks. I didn't think that could be true. Maybe UPS has to contact them and kindly ask for that statement to be removed.

    Sorry about the duplicate posts. Kept crashing while uploading photo. Not quite sure how to remove.
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    What about when someone sets a box for usps on top of the ltrbx? I look and laugh get all of our ups stuff and move on.
  10. sailfish

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    I have a stark suspicion they're just unaware of how many idiots drop their things in mailboxes and FedEx boxes.
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  11. FrigidFTSup

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    Not sure how it is in other buildings. But I run a report for my center manager every night to make sure the letter boxes are empty. If they aren't I have to send an air driver to get the volume and clear it.
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  17. UnsurePost

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    Sounds like e-campus and UPS Stores have a deal worked out to shake down customers. Here, UPS stores can charge to take RS and etc. packages.
  18. UPSGUY72

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    Number 6 is false as is number 3. Nothing is free your paying for shipping one way or the other. If they say it's free it's built into the price you pay to start.
  19. FilingBluesFL

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    There's a letterbox on the route I do right now, way way out of the way in a new neighborhood development...

    There's a fedex box that someone dropped in it, that's been sitting on top of the letterbox for about two weeks now...

    It's still there........ Taking bets on how long it lasts