Can United Parcel Service Meet Its Long-Term Performance Targets?

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    Can United Parcel Service Meet Its Long-Term Performance Targets? - Motley Fool

    The package delivery giant has fallen behind its long-term guidance in 2016. Will it continue?

    Most investors in United Parcel Service (NYSE:UPS) will be hoping for a successful holiday season after having been disappointed in the past two years. However, the company's long-term financial targets also deserve scrutiny. In a nutshell, UPS is falling behind its five-year targets and has some catching up to do. Will it be forced to reduce its financial targets, and does it really matter?
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    I've been concerned about this (long-term financial targets) every since we went public.
    I always felt that UPS was a Utility-type stock with decent dividends.
    Definitely not a growth company.
    I thought UPS's P/E should be in the range of 12 - 15.
    That is why it was such a good deal to get into the S&P 500 Index.
    Good solid financials, low-term stability and a decent dividend and backed by S&P.
    Current P/E of 18 is OK ... I would be more of a buyer at 15 as long as it is in S&P Index.
    Note: As a UPS Employee or retiree, I would never buy any more UPS stock.