Can you be terminated for not working Mondays during peak if you are a Tu-Sa employee?

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  1. Hey all. Newb here. I've been an employee since Jan 15th when I was hired on permanently after peak. I worked Mondays last peak but I do not want to this peak. If I was hired for the hours of 4a-9a, how early can they "make" you come in? Also, since Christmas Eve is a Monday, am I required to work? (GA Preload)

    I just met my union steward today for the first time while getting a written warning for calling out yesterday (and being 1 minute late about 20 times since hired on in Jan-but have never been reprimanded until now). At this point, I just want to finish my heaviest course loads at school for the tuition reimbursement then quit (May/June of next year).
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    I’d stop calling out and stop being late. You control that, and if you’re dumb enough to keep doing it, that’s on you.
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    ^^ THIS ^^ If you've been a minute late 20 times in less than a year, set your alarm 2 minutes earlier or something.

    Also, they can make you come in however early they want as long as they post the schedule far enough ahead to meet the rules. You were hired for AM sort. That typically has hours of 4ish to 9ish. December is not typical. We start between midnight and 1am in my building.
  4. Yep! I'm a really dummy. Didn't say I wasn't. Thanks for the bash. I did not complain about being written up nor say it was anyone else's fault but my own. I only mentioned it to reference how long I've worked there before meeting the union steward. Think anyone can answer the actual question?
  5. And, just for additional reference, I was told by a different supervisor that they don't care about 1 minute late unless they are being *jerks*. Also, I am a hard worker, learn quickly and excel at any task given, don't take excessive, or overly long breaks, or chat up all the other employees instead of working, or create drama. God forbid someone not feel well over 200+ days and need a day off. Jesus.
  6. You are liw man in the totem pole. You have to work.
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    "Can you be terminated for not working Mondays during peak if you are a Tu-Sa employee?"

    No, they don't have to work Monday. In fact, you really don't have to work more than 5 hours as a part-timer. If they did that to me, I'd take every advantage of the state laws in place (here anyway) and take all my mandated lunch and extra breaks, if they want to play the "you are FT for a month, deal with it" game.

    Now maybe the OP wants 8 or 18 hours a day during peak, which is none of my business. But to answer the question, no you don't have to work a scheduled day off, at least here.
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  8. silenze

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    Teamster Contracts

    We have no forced 6th day in our local rider. You should read and understand your contract
  9. Thanks for the answer. I do not want extra time during peak or any other time. I have another job and go to school full time.
  10. Here it goes by volunteers first, then forced from the bottom up.
  11. Thanks! I'd love to read it. Can you tell me where I can find that? I saw it once on the site, and read it, but that was 6 months ago and I can not remember every single detail. Now I just have a link saying how the potentially new contract will affect me.
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    As with any job. Don't be late. A 1 minute late 20 times in less than a year is just stupid. Wake up earlier and protect your tuition reimbursement and move on.
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    Uh, since when?
  14. UnconTROLLed

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    part-time job is a part-time job, " sorry UPS, I have a career and school/life to tend to. "
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  15. Again. I already addressed this. I acknowledge that I am the responsible party. My question is about forced hours, not complaining about the write up for being late or trying to blame anyone else.
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    How will they force you to come in on your day off? They say your working and you reply with no I am not and don't show up. It's that easy.
  17. I guess the supe makes me feel like it isn't that easy. I wanted to know what my rights are, and since I can no longer find a copy of the old contract on, I thought I'd ask people who would know. Silly me!
  18. DriveInDriveOut

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    job abandonment
    good luck with that
  19. Looks like this forum isn't a viable avenue to have my question answered. I was hoping other UPS employees with more experience and immediate access to materials that may take me several days or longer to get would be willing to help me out but that doesn't appear to be the case with the majority. Good luck in all of your endeavors, whatever you may chose to do.
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    Go here for your contract

    Download the National Master United Parcel Service (UPS) Agreement and Regional Supplemental Agreements
    The company has never had the contract on it's site. The less you know the happier they are......stop crying because no one is spoon feeding you information