Can you help us bring our Lady Rose home?

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    Dear UPSers, My name is Heather Frye and we have lost an incredibly sentimental piece of our history. We are looking for any help we can get at this point, and would appreciate it if you could post this description of our package and it's contents at your hub or store. Thanks for reading our post, Heather Frye. Can you help us bring our HISTORY home ??
    Theworstof luck struck us on Friday, Oct. 13, 2006 when we shipped a pink rug hand-made more than 100 years ago by our great grandmother. Our hearts are broken and we are desperate to have this most beloved piece of our family’s history back! Could it be somewhere in your warehouse? Is it drifting around in your delivery truck? Below is a description of this one-of-a-kind rug, the box it was shipped in and the rest of the shipping information that we have available. Please take a moment to read this and look around - you just might be able to mend some broken hearts!

    ITEM: Hand-Made Rose-Pink Wool Rug SHIPPED BY: October 13, 2006 by Gayle Frye from ISU Curry Insurance, 489 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA. SHIPPED TO: Heather Frye, 5629 29th Court SE, Lacey, WA.
    TRACKING NUMBER: K0211206176
    LAST SEEN: As far as the UPS Web site tells us, the package was re-weighed at 8:32 p.m. Oct.13, at the Baldwin Park/San Gabriel CA UPS location. After that, nothing.
    BOX DESCRIPTION: The box is the type that five reams of paper comes in – the sort with a lid. Its dimensions are 18 inches wide by 11 ½ inches deep by 9 inches high. It is a Staples box and is ELECTRIC BLUE with LIME GREEN trim. IT PROBABLY DOES NOT HAVE A LABEL!! (we received an identical box shipped at the same time and it’s label fell off the minute we picked it up)
    RUG DESCRIPTION: The rug is a ROSE PINK RECTANGLE, approximately 4' by 5'. It is a hooked rug but the pile is loop, not cut. Think Berber. It has an oval pattern of various types of flowers, such as roses and lilies. In the center of the oval are more flowers. Our great grandmother "signed" the rug by hooking in her name in green in the lower right-hand corner of the rug. It is script and says "Nora McArdle." CONTACT: Heather Frye, [email protected] or Gayle Frye at [email protected]
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    Not a UPS package....unless a K is a new tracking number.
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    Track the number firts

    Package is 100 % in overgoods if label is lost
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    Joopster...time to brush up on new technology...

    Tracking Number: K021 1206 176 Type: Package Status: Exception
    See description below
    Shipped to: WA, US Shipped or Billed on: 10/13/2006 Service Type: GROUND Weight: 7.00 Lbs Package Progress Location Date Local Time Description BALDWIN PARK,
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    no promises, but I am trying to reach out to someone regarding this package...
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    There are still a few hundred thousand old waybills out there with "K" numbers. They'll be around forever.
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    tracking number starting with "K" are also used by Ground shipping documents, they started using them when we started same day ground pick ups
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    You're right... My bad. I wish like crazy we could get rid of waybills all together. They aren't readable at least half the time and get pulled off packages at an alarming rate.
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    hey guys...any ideas on helping this person??? anyone have contacts on the west coast???
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    I'm making some calls to overgoods as we speak, but they don't consolidate items the way they used to. There is a new system in place that works really well if the centers are using it the way they should be.

    Heather, I tried to drop you an email but it failed. Call 1-800-PICK UPS, ask for a supervisor. Get their name, city and state. Tell them again what happened, ask them to do an overgoods search. Be polite but firm that you need resolution.

    I have a few people looking into it here, but after this much time my guess is that it's in Independance already. It should be found if proceedures were followed.
  11. Maybe you should have tried here first instead of here:
    The United Package Smashers Forums
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    still searching....keep the faith...I have people in Corporate Overgoods working on it....
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    This is stupid, do you seriously expect UPSers on this forum to take an Amber Alert over a freakin' package this seriously? Do you expect package handlers to be on a lookout for a rug the same way customs and immigration officers are on the lookout for abducted children?

    Either this was stolen (for whatever stupid reason) or more likely, it was likely packaged improperly, crushed beyond oblivion, and having the waybill get ripped off (huh? if you glue a piece of paper to a box, it may fall off?) doesn't help. It's likely sitting under a grate or in ECS waiting to be identified.

    I handle tons of these boxes of 'invaluable' items packed half-assedly every night. Give me a break.
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    Hoser---you're a real jerk---I am GLAD that all UPSERs are not like you!! It's no wonder we are losing market share, with attitudes such as yours!
  15. hoser

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    I work hard, I take pride in my attention to detail, proper sortation, careful handling of goods, and I know add value to this company. Simply because I ridicule a single client's preposterous plea for all UPSers to look out for a rug that was stuffed in a file box or I don't give a crap over billy-bob's shipment of a vehicle transmission stuffed into a cereal box doesn't mean I am a detriment to the company and apart of the reason we're apparently losing market share.

    And btw, I thought we're getting more Air and SCS market share :confused:1
  16. brownISer

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    try treating every customer as if they were our only customer....
  17. Is Lady Rose soft?

    cuz im all stuffed up and dont feel like carying around any kleenex. hopefully shes in wisconsin.


    hoser rocks
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    I hope you guys are kidding....if not, I am very glad I only have 5 years until that point I will sell all my stock because the future of this company looks very bleak with jerks like you around.
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    im right behind you..
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    thank you for bringing some sanity to this thread!