Can you tell me about Phoenix terminal.....

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    Sup boyz & girlz, I'm in the NW & thinking of packen' it up & headen' south for good. Looks like the housing market is better in the desert, however, I would be interested in hearing from those that work there: are you boyz union, any openingz, can I put in my 50 every week. I heart the desert & enjoy camping in the wild, need to get back to my scorching hawt rootz.

    Thankz boyz & girlz.

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    You do realize that UPS Freight drug tests their new employees, don't you?
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    Do you want to shoot me in the back 8 times while I'm fleeing for my life?
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    I'm an 8 year vet with UPS, all I wanted is some advise about the Phoenix terminal for a possible transfer.
    What I got is the same racist comments this company is known for.

    Some folks just can't stop being amazing.Stupit_08.jpg
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    You need thick skin if you want to interact here...
    PHO is Union, I dont work there, but been in and out of the terminal many times in my 20 yrs associated with the company.

    You can find out about job openings by searching the UPS career site.