Canada Elections May 2011

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    Well, first off, for our American friends a brief description of how democracy works up north :
    Since the Budget was not approved by any other party in the Conservative minority government we currently have, it comes to elections again.
    By law, the Prime Minister must go to the Queen's Representative (Governor General), and dismantle the Parlament, and within 35 days a national election must be held.

    Now, the Canadian people get to vote on which parties budget and platform is best for us. They have all layed them out :

    The Liberals want to increase corporate taxes and spend $8.3 Billion on families, tuitions subsidies, the needy, etc. and will bring us further into debt and scrap the order of the new F35 fighter jets.

    The NDP, basically has the same budget as the liberals, but spending more money on healthcare, and also go on the spending spree.

    The Bloc Quebecour wants Billions to offset the HST (Harmonized Sales Tax).

    The Green Party, : Who cares ? (Higher gas taxes, carbon tax, corporate taxes) - NOT A CHANCE !

    The Tories (Conservatives) : Lower corperate taxes, and create jobs and stay the course, and no new spending until the Budget is balanced and we have surpluses.
    Besides, purchasing the new flock of F35's our airforce really needs.
    Promises to regain a budget surplus within 4 years.

    Unlike in the US, our government never gets shut down because of a failed budget plan. We have elections and decide which budget better suits us.
    No last minute close doors discussions here.

    Anyways, what would any other Canadian expect from me, living in Alberta ?
    Of course, I'm voting Tory Blue, and I believe the whole province of Alberta will do the same, like always (well, we did lose 1 lousy seat to the NDP last election, but will get that back, this time - I think).

    I just like the fiscal responsibilty that the Harper Government has proven to be, and that we managed the worldwide recession better then almost any other country.
    Basically, no need for me to vote any differently, while things are doing so great here.
    I want to stay the course !
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    vote green
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    I concur .
  4. klein

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    The Green Party actually does get about 5% of the votes.
    They just never win a riding, and you need to win a riding to get a seat in parlament.
    I'm already mad that they quailfy for government money on behalf of the votes they get :sick: - That's green enough, eh ?
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    Canada can have Obama ... wait, he wasn't born there was he?
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    Don't need to be born here to become the Prime Minister, but you must have Canadian Citizenship (easy enough to get, esspecially him, as a political refugee) LOL
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    came clean klein, answer Hoaxster's question.
    Can you prove or not prove that bho was born in Canada?
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    Canadians will go to the polls on May 2nd to elect a Prime Minister. The election has gained almost no attention in the U.S. but one candidate suddenly has a very American problem.
    As reported in the Toronto Sun, Michael Ignatieff, the Liberal Party candidate for Prime Minister stated in a 2004 interview with a U.K. journalist:
    “I am an American Democrat. I will vote for Kerry in November.”
    Ignatieff, a professor at Harvard University, was living in Cambridge, MA at the time. He had been away from Canada for over 30 years, having arrived at Harvard as a graduate student in 1969. In the 70s he moved to the UK, but eventually found his way back to Cambridge and settled in as an academic. He became so settled that it was a shock to many in Canada when returned in 2005 and announced his intention to run for Parliament. Many questioned if he was a U.S. citizen. Feeling the pressure, Ignatieff told the Toronto Star, ”
    “I’ve never been a citizen of any other country. Nor was I a green card holder in the United States.”
    If that is true, then voting in the U.S. was illegal. And a professor at the Kennedy School of Government would have known that.
    A conviction for illegal voting in Massachusetts carries a penalty of up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. For each time that he voted.
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    Wow, Baba, first time I heard that.
    If you dig deep enough, it's always the same outcome.
    Almost every politician has dirt on them.

    Now, you good American people should look into that, and if he did vote, fine him, and help out the US deficit ! :)

    He's not getting my vote anyways.
    The liberals get most of their votes out of the east (Ontario).. - I got to smarten DS up ! LOL (and perhaps menotyou ??)
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    Canadian Election May 2......I'll be in Vegas celebrating my birthday that day. We only vote on Tuesdays around here......we give it a day for the 'likor' to wear off !!
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    I'll be voting, but it's almost a lost cause.
    Polls before parlament fell apart are the same now.

    We will get what we already know. The exact same make-up as before (waste of $10 per head that it costs the government for us to vote - $300 Million).
    Basically another minority conservative government, that can fall any given time, when 2 or all 3 other parties disagree with a new budget, tax reform, or a new law.
    This is our 4th election in 7 years !
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    The solution lies in your costs the gov't $10 per person for you to vote........So that people will be totally serious, your gov't should charge an admission of $10 per person to get into the voting places. That way, only the people who are really serious about making changes will vote.
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    Yeah right... voter turn out rate is only 50 something percent here !
    Maybe make it like in Austrailia ? - it's mandatory voting there. You don't vote you pay a big fine !
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    Just received this youtube flick on my facebook.
    Must be a new election commercial, or maybe just a youtube one.
    Not sure - but haven't seen it on TV, yet.

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    Well, while I'm here :

    The polls yesterday were kind of amazing:
    The NDP (National Democratic Party), has surpassed the Liberals for the first time in history, with 24% of the votes, compared with 21% for the Libs.
    The Conservatives are at 40% (Harper).
    Bloc Quebicous at 9%
    Green Party at 4%

    NDP is very pro-union. The want jobs, jobs, and more jobs.
    They fought to get GM bailed out, and were at the frontlines at the factory while they underwent bankruptcy protection.

    But, I sure won't vote for them.
    They want higher taxes and more welfare.
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  19. klein

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    Well, the whole parlament was surprisingly totally changed after May2nd.

    The Bloc Quebicous (Quebec separist Party) has only 4 seats left, and lost official party status.
    The former opposition party (liberals), have also been demolished.
    Both above party leaders resigned !

    The Green Party managed for the first ever time, to get atleast 1 seat in the house.
    NDP (lefter then the left), trippeld in seats, and never had so many before, and are now the official opposition party (for the very first time, too).

    And our Conservative Party with Prime Minister Harper, has reached a Majority government, for the first time in 7 years.

    It's all good ! :)