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  1. Mike23

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    I was curious if the US is like Canada? If Canada has a holiday we get HAMMERED (usually another 20 stops) on our trucks the next day. Do you guys actually feel heavier when Canada has a holiday or are we just too small a population to really feel a hit?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    There is no impact volume wise on the delivery side but we take a big hit on the pickup side when Canada "closes" as our center processes trailer loads of RTA furniture for WalMart which is made in Canada. Traffic does increase and we are advised during our PCM to watch for the blue and white license plates.
  3. Raw

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    Canada sucks and I hate Canada. They is dumb not like us smart Americans. I hope Cananda blowed up on themselves. :biting:
  4. over9five

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    Boxing Day is the worst. Man, I always fear the day after Boxing Day.
  5. code5

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    Yea, you pretty much sound like a typical UPS employee. Love, a Canadian. Sorry, but I don't feel the same about my American Counterparts - except maybe you.
  6. jds4lunch

    jds4lunch What the hell is YOUPS??

    Ours here are green and white:happy-very:
  7. Mike23

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    Why watch for the blue and white license plates? Are we that bad of drivers coming down to the states? Or maybe it's cause we'll let you in if you signal instead of speeding up ;) ?

    If it's because we drive slower it's because you have that funny MPH thing going on down there.
  8. DS

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    Mike,I work in the big smoke,and most trucks are full at the end of the day,believe me,they feel it.As for 20 stops,I think our US friends may get 50 stops and could do it in the same time.Its a bit tighter.but most guys do 130-160 stops every day.You and I do 120 and its a long day.
  9. ups1990

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    You guys to the north have to watch out for Canadian drivers. Here in So Cal, we also have to watch out for BC plates. Baja California, Mexico plates. Some members here know exactly what I mean.
  10. Mike23

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    I wish I delivered in Ontario. Unfortunately when I asked my HR guy about transfers he gave me the numbers for you guys right now. It's something like only need 80 drivers but you have 110 already! Apparently the recessions not going well for you.

    Send them out here! We REALLY could have used some for Stampede this week (that should clue everyone into where I'm from now). In this city EVERYTHING shuts down for Stampede. On Friday I think we were down at least 20 drivers calling in 'sick' to go watch the parade.
  11. fethrs

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    Boy Oh Boy do I know what you mean. I am 5 miles from TJ.
  12. Mike23

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    Ok, don't judge us by

    1. Quebec drivers because they aren't really Canadian

    2. BC drivers because they're all high. They're something else too which I won't mention because it could be deemed as racial stereotyping but it IS the US' fault for pulling out of Vietnam and all their sympathizers had no where else to go cept BC!
  13. sealbasher

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    You are an idiot,Canadians are way smarter than Americans,We took Vimy Ridge when no one else could,how long you guys been in Iraq 10 years . lol
  14. DS

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    Mike,again you are speaking as though everyone here(Canada) thinks like you.People from Quebec are indeed just as Canadian as you.You talk about racial sterotyping.You also have no place spouting off about Vietnam.It's an insult to Americans who served ,and those that lost thier lives there.
  15. sealbasher

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    How this post is still here is beyond me.
  16. sealbasher

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    We have had no lay offs yet,im 18 years in and ive never had so much overtime in 10 years
  17. Mike23

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    I have nothing but respect for the Vets that were in Vietnam. I don't respect the politician part of it though. The only reason the war was lost was because they didn't use special forces as much as they should have and North Vietnam did (it was a technique the US hadn't come across and couldn't adapt to but have now). If you came west you would find that there are LOTS of Vietnam people who are still upset about, what they feel, was being abandoned.

    Take a look at the Cambodian border during this time. EVERYONE knows that's where the North Vietnam troops retreated to in fire fights which is why the US couldn't find them. They weren't allowed in Cambodia (just like the North Vietnam troops weren't) and so just sat there doing nothing. It wasn't the troops fault, many wanted to go across the border (and there were a few special forces missions across the border that were kept hush hush for years) but politicians stopped them.

    When the US left Vietnam they HAD to leave or be killed for treason, so many fled to Canada or wherever else they could and can't return home. So, again, I DO respect the vets but I DON'T respect the politicians.

    As for Quebec, it was recently decreed that they're a 'nation inside a nation' so therefore they aren't technically 100% Canadian and would likely be deemed a minority if they ever decided to push that issue.

    It was also all meant as a joke. If it was not taken as one I apologize for those people who I may have offended.
  18. Mike23

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    It's not talking about layoffs, it's half days or getting vehicles cut. Are you sure your part timers aren't hurting for hours? I know ours were since they were used to 8 hour days and when we filled our full time people they were left high and dry.
  19. sealbasher

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    we only have maybe 5 part time