Candidate Obama, That Was Then!

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    Now that we are in the present time, truth does surplant ficition but what should be of even more concern is not the rabble rousing republicans. They obviously are only after Obama because he's not of the same party even though his actions are one of a 3rd Bush term or a McCain 1st term.

    What should worry Obama is the discourse and discontent that is starting to build towards a critical mass within his own core base and I'd point first to this at Daily Kos and then to the website Black Agenda Report among just a growing number of examples.

    Granted, these are only small ripples upon political waters but if the ripples continue and are joined by others, the magnitude begins to build and thus smaller craft face or begin to capsize from the wave action. This could esculate the growing discontent from broken promises like in the video above or in the latest issue with healthcare where it's obvious the winner in this whole deal will be the corp/state alliance of corporatism and it's monopoly/cartel of connected elites or just straight up fascism if you will.

    Like others before him, I don't think until he took office that he even realized just how well rigged this whole Presidential game really is. The late Bill Hicks use to joke in his comedy routine that just before a President is sworn in, he's taken to the basement of the Capitol and shown the real film from Dealy Plaza and once it's over as the President elect sits alone in darkness, a booming voice comes over the speakers, "Any Questions!" And then the poor slob is taken upstairs and sworn in. It makes for great comedy but in each passing day and each election, I'm starting to really wonder just what is in the basement of the Capitol!