Can't get tuition assistance

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  1. I have worked at UPS for almost 4 years and getting the Earn and Learn tuition reimbursement the whole time. I started as an unloader but switched to auditor (revenue recovery) about a year ago.
    Since then I can't use the edcor website since I am an auditor and changed departments to finance I guess. Even though my supervisor uses the site for his tuition reimbursement.
    Last fall my tuition assistance got completely screwed up which resulted in me calling edcor at least 12 times and faxing them at least 5 times and eventually got my reimbursement in late March for a semester that ended before christmas. Most of that was just to get on the approved auditor list.

    This semester I did the paper copy at the start of the semester but now I found out edcor lost it. Now I need the application form to resubmit and appeal and my hub has gotten rid of them and I instead was told to go through the new UPS human resource center. A week ago the HRC said that my case was forwarded to some guy at the center that only handles tuition assistance for auditors but I never heard from him accept for an acknowledgment email with a case number. Today I called back and my case was escalated to someone else for review.

    Does anyone know where I can get this form?
    Could a union steward do anything in this case?
    Are there any auditors on here that have experience with this?
  2. Good news,
    I found an extra blank copy of the form. I plan on going to the Fedex Office place down the street tomorrow and having 100 copies made.