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    I am new to the forum. I have been thinking about working for UPS as a career. I thought I'd jump on here and ask some questions. I've taken some time to read some of the other threads. I know there is a lot of negativeness floating around here. That is not what I am really looking for. I understand the job of a loader or driver being tough. I joined the military right out of High School. I spent all my time out West, and got to see my family 1x in 4yrs. I am a very goal oriented individual, with high hopes and dreams for myself. I hope I can get some solid information back about the field.

    1. I have read that it can take 5-10 yrs to become a full-time driver? I also read if you start at one hub and transfer, you have to start the process all over to become a driver? I've been reading different things about the pay for full-time drivers. (my understanding is that the pay is $30.00 hr)

    2. I called a toll-free number just the other day for UPS jobs. I talked to a gentleman who answered the phone. He was telling me about how great the benefits were, and that they were as good if not better then the military. I've heard the benefits are good, but are they really as good as government benefits?

    3. The gentleman I talked to on the toll-free number for UPS jobs told me I should look at becoming a Feeder driver. He said that they are hiring people right off the street to be full-time drivers. My understanding is that UPS Feeder drivers make $90-$100,000 a year. It is hard for me to believe that there wouldn't be a big demand from employees who are already with the company?

    4. If someone were to start off as a part-time package handler for UPS, could they work their way up to a CEO, CFO, VP, etc. with UPS? I'm not sure if that made any sense or not. I went onto the UPS website, and was reading the files of the management executives for UPS. It talks about some of them starting off at part-time handler positions, and working their way up. I don't know if there are any management executives on this forum or not, but I'd be curious to hear what they have to say about it. I guess my whole thing is if I were to start off at UPS as a part-time package handler at 27 yrs old. Continue to work on my college education (obtain my master's degree). Build my time with the company. How far could one potentially go? I can only imagine if drivers are making $30.00 an hr, and $90-$100,000 a year as Feeders. What are the management staff making? I hope I don't sound like all I care about is the money. But, I also don't think there is anything wrong with knowing what possibilities could lie ahead for someone.

    I have been trying to research as much as I can on the internet, and will continue doing research. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.
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    Dude, waaaayyyy too much to read for all these truck drivers. Especially at the end of a long day. Drivers earn about $28 an hour and they earn every single penny of it. Benefits beat just about anybody. I can't tell you how many times I have heard from a medical office that our benefits are the best around. And it took me 8 years part time before I could drive. Depends on your center or hub and the turnover. Feeder driver off the street? Hope you have some truck driving experience, though it can be done. Go into management? That depends on where your brain is. Some people are born blue collar and others white collar. Most people here are definitely blue collar. And for all the "negativity" most of it is blowing off steam and they wouldn't trade their jobs with most people. Good luck.
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    As far as negativity, people post when they want to vent or they are mad. The UPS employees who are truly happy with their work don't post anything. With the small percentage of employees on Browncafe....compared to the whole work force at UPS, it's a very tiny percentage of gripers out there.

    Kind of like a "squeaky wheel" deal.

    Any job can be a 'rut'....your job is what you make of it. All jobs take you away from your family....unless you happen to run a family restaurant or something like that.

    I think most UPS'ers are glad they have the job, they just have some common complaints to discuss on here........they like to know that other parts of the country have problems too and they are not alone.

    Gosh, I feel like Dr. Frasier Crane......"I'm listening!" :)
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    Everything is possible when you work for UPS. Bad things happen to any companies but in the whole UPS is the great company. I can see you are a big asset for UPS. If you like to become a CEO don't forget to apply for management position after one working year. Many feeders at my center make more than $100K a year.
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    continue school
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    I am recently retired. The main difference between you and me is that I started with UPS when I was 19. I was a "belt boy". I drove for 6 years and went into management. I had 3 years on my degree and the company paid for me to finish my BSBAM while I was a manager! I could have gone on for a Masters but didn't see a reason. (I should have done it!)

    In 1973, When I was a junior in college, I watched folks get their degrees and get entry level jobs making $650 a month. I was making almost that much part-time at UPS! I decided to make a career with UPS. I highly recommend getting your degree while continuing to work part-time.

    There are hubs that have tuition reimbursement and school loan programs that are really beneficial. Get with HR and find out what programs are available in your district.

    Would I do it again? ABSOLUTELY!! I am traveling the world with my wife of 35 years and can do and afford anything I want...all because of UPS. Your potential is only limited by you!

    Also - start investing while you are young - make it hurt - You will be glad you did when you reach your 50's.
  7. sadly most part timers struggle to make that NOW per month yet the figure you gave is 34 years ago...and no one sees a problem with this? I don't mean you lifer, I'm talking about others that believe the part timers don't deserve a raise (even though they are the minority). Life sure isn't any cheaper now than it was then.
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    $10.50 x20 hours = $210 per week

    -20 401k
    -20 taxes
    $170 per weekx4 = $680 per month
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    $10.50 x20 hours = $210 per week

    -20 401k
    -20 taxes
    $170 per weekx4 = $680 per month

    And I'm asked to donate to charities :w00t:
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    The PT wage back in the 80's went out of control. The UPS PT workforce was making almost double the industry average. During one of the contracts a decision was made to take the pay down to the industry ave of 6.50/hr for "unborn employees". This would allow additional money to the people that were voting on the contract at the time. Any "unborn" employee would be subject to the rate they agreed to when they were hired on.
    As cold as this might sound...
    If they don't want the job...they don't have to take it. As you know, hiring good people became a challenge. This is why the turn-over rate is tracked and plays such an important role in today's business climate.

    Don't get me wrong - UPS should look at the part-time position and determine what the industry average is for benefits and wages and tailor a wage and benefit package that meets the needs of the average part-time employee.

    The package could be tailored in such a way that those employees that do not need or want health benefits get more in wages and those that need or want the security of health benefits pay for extra coverage.

    It would be designed in such a way that an employee gets the benefits of an employer discounted health program ...but it would be each person's decision as to what they felt their coverage should be.
  11. I agree with a lot of what you said, but the worker UPS is trying to attract (young college kids) are usually not interested anymore because they're paying for stuff they won't even use (provided they don't stay on after they graduate) and can be better compensated elsewhere. I don't think part time needs outlandish wages such as double the industry average like you mentioned however we lose a lot of people due to the wage/union fees. Don't get me wrong I am not crapping on the union, I appreciated them for all the benefits I enjoyed while I was a union employee that they fought for, but its also a hindrance to these types. When you're paid below average (if you don't need the benefits) and then have an initiation fee + dues for benefits you aren't using, its hard to argue with them.

    I was told from veterans here that they used to pay the seasonal PTimers like 16 bucks an hour, but no benefits etc. That would be perfect to attract such workers.

    I'm really not sure what industry average is, but here in MA what they're (UPS) paying is nearly minimum wage (and will be exactly minimum wage as of jan 08). I know FedEx paid better (11.50 when my brother worked there a couple years ago) but there is no union protection. They do offer benes but I don't know for how much or the quality of them as my brother didn't need them.

    I'm not saying it for the prominent reason of "woe is me" poor part timers. I'm saying because we can't staff a single sort without extensions (save the day sort). Somethings gotta give. Our shift is getting burnt out from having to pick up the slack due to poor staffing everyday. We're also being rushed because the night doesn't the staffing to finish on time either which puts us behind and we have to make up the time somehow (FASTER FASTER FASTER!!). Yet we're instructed to keep pushing and everyone is surprised when people aren't moving as fast as they used to whether intentional or not. You can only beat a dog so many times before he won't come home.
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    My friends has a bad perception about UPS because the starting pay is very low. And it's hard to believe a full time driver makes more money than an engineering job. Hopefully the new contract will change the way UPS thinking!
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    I know exactly what you are saying about the people we are trying to attract. To take it to another level - if your hub is in an affluent area the kids don't even want to work. It is the parents that are trying to instill the work ethic into these kids. My feeling is pay the new hire a lower initial wage and when they reach seniority give them a big raise and follow up with the regular increase in August. This will weed out the crap and give the employee that makes it some incentive to stick around.
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    UPS has long used the strategy of DIVIDE and CONQUER.I started as a part timer in 1978 at 8.26/hr. The minimum wage was $2.38/hr. UPS was a great place for a student to work. In the 1982 contract, the two-tier wage progression was passed. Apathy and a signing bonus of $500 / part timer - $1000 / fulltimer passed that contract. The part timers - who knew that they would eventually move on, grabbed the cash. I knew a lot of drivers who didn't vote on that contract. They got the cash windfall - just by doing nothing.

    I told my fellow part timers that because we were now all red circled, we all had bullseyes on our backs. All of a sudden, p/timers were going full time like crazy. Before this, they let you go on your 29th day. Their reasoning was that the contract said 1 p/timer got the opportunityto go fulltime for each hired off the street. Within 3 years, there were 2 of us left. I was carwashing for $14.55/hr and everybody else was doing the same job for $8/hr.

    UPS saved a ton of money on part timers since 1982. Now the minimum wage is $8.00/hr and they can't get enough good people nevermind keep them. They are reaping what they sowed.

    By the way, if I stayed part time, I would be making close to $28/hr.