Carey's Fur Coat Lost In The Mail

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    Carey's Fur Coat Lost In The Mail - Teen Hollywood

    A $7,500 fur coat Mariah Carey donated to People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (peta) has been lost by US delivery firm United Parcel Service.
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    if one of their own employees is not guilty of theft of the coat, ups will find it. chances are, even if an employee did rip it off, they will find it. i worked with a guy at ups whose job it was for 32 years to find missing packages, and he wouldn't quit searching until he did. if it appeared that inside theft was involved, their security force are like barracudas. you would be amazed at what they can set up to nab an inside thief. i have seen federal investigators jump out of closets and ceilings to nab inside thieves.
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    ..or it could be in the middle of a ramp, set out to pasture...