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    Hi Guys, I need some input from you. I've cared for a ailing parent many years now, it has come to my attention she needs to move to a warmer climate. I'm a committed Browner of 19 years. I really can not see that many "Company Years" going down the drain. Is there anyway other than quiting and starting over. I'm willing to even change positions and work part-time as long as I dont have to leave the company...:sad-very:HELP
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    Next best bet would be to put in for transfer, but that is a shot in the dark. There is no telling how long that might take.
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    They wont transfer you. Never heard of that, and not in my area. At least. For the very reason everyone would move South. Or West. Possibly would be considered a little more seriously if she were actually your dependent. But I still would say chances are nil. You are left with few choices, been there and it aint fun. Good Luck.

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    If you are in the Western States you can put in for a transfer to any center within the Western States. You put your name on the list at the begining of the year and when a position comes open they call the highest seniority person on the list and you have 48 hours to accept the position or they move to the next person. You would of course go to the bottom of the seniority at your new center. We have a 30 year guy that is at the top of the transfer list to Hawaii!
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    I am going through a similar experience and I know I can not transfer after 22yrs.
    We plan on building a facility addition on our home.
    Best of Luck.
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    You will most likely have to resign and re-apply. Not an easy decision. Prayers to you and your family.
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    The only tranfers I've heard about were part-timers who were in college..Since you may go part-time maybe an HR person could enlighten you about this.You could go to school for a semester to keep your job at UPS..
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    Western States, you dont even need a reason to transfer. Anyone can transfer to any other area in Western States, without a problem. I am in Rocky Mountains and have seen people to transfer to Washington and to Montana. No release or reason required. Just need to put name on the list.
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    The issue isn't so much UPS. It's the Teamsters and your local and the one you want to transfer into.

    Thats where I would start first, then the company.
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    In the western states here. Every year they put up a list. You sign your name and what centers you are interested in transfering to. Never seen anyone successfully transfer out of my center. They go by a 6-1 new hires to transfer ratio. So it takes a lot of seniority and waiting to pull one of these transfers off.
  11. IWorkAsDirected

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    Yes, you can transfer in Western States, we have alot of people who want to transfer to our center because we don't have harsh winters. We had two come from California and one from Northern Utah. One from California is constantly on disability or taw, the other one is a jerk in management now and the one from Northern Utah is laid off at the bottom of the senority list.
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    We had a driver that transfered from our center. I think it took a couple of years. Moved to the new center, bought a new house (or so I heard) and was fired within a few months (GPS).
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    I am in the middle of the same situation and between UPS, the military and other commitments, I am stuck here. I have a small farm and can not move the livestock, find a new job etc.....I have 2 years and seven months until I retire, that will be too late.....I do what I can and leave the rest up to a higher power. I have asked the VA for help as my Dad is a WWII vet and that too is a long process. Good luck and do the best you can.
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    Another example of how ups DOES NOT care about its people. Even though the policy book says the most important thing is people blah blah blah. Nonsense. However if you are supervisor and they need you to go to tim-buck-2, you have to be willing to pack up and leave tomorrow.

    Good luck with your decision. It is a tough one. Remember there are unlimited companies out there to work for, but you only get one set of parents.
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    Sorry, but have to disagree here. Teamsters and local don't care where you go. In many districts (Ok, we see some here have not followed normal procedure), UPS, not Teamsters, has taken the policy that you do not transfer.

    If you or anybody else wants to argue that point, fine, just try to talk to the company and the union to get their viewpoints. I'm sure, in most cases, you ain't going nowhere with the companys blessing.
  16. trplnkl

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    That's true, the only thing that the Teamsters have to do with it at all is how seniority is effected. Other wise the union could care lees as long as you keep paying your dues.
    The company resists transfer mainly because of all the possible headaches involved. The biggest one, :censored2: off drivers. Plus it's like getting a new hire that is already at top wages and probably many more weeks of vacation to be taken.
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    No transfers for FT hourlies here. You have to resign and then try to get hired in the different location as a new hire. We have a driver who moved up here from Florida to take care of his father who is now a twenty year Cover Driver at the bottom of the seniority list. We also have a former New Orleans driver who came here after Katrina and is in the same boat. completion, good luck with your parents, my mom is 75 and I will be taking care of her soon.
  18. dannyboy

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    Ah Guys..... THat is really interesting information on the western districts, but last time I looked, Illinois was not that far west, making the first series of posts not apply.

    As far as the union, yes it does matter to the union, because each union has its own rules and pay out for retirement. Moving from say CENTRAL states, (that could mean this driver from Illinois) to our union here would be a problem with funding the persons retirement.

    UPS is the first place you need to start. But from past experience, dont expect to get very far. If it is a benifit to them for you to move, you get to move. If not, you dont move. And for hourly personel, you dont really have that much value to the company to offset the cost of letting you move.

    I know not what you wanted to hear, but its not really what I would have loved to post.

  19. raceanoncr

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    Not really. We've had drivers that started out in 710 yrs ago, then when our district opened up, started here. Not really a transfer, more of a startup deal but the point is: They get part pension from 710 and part from Central.
  20. MR_Vengeance

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    You can always have another job, but you can't have another mom.