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    How many of you have seen these cashiers check/money order only COD packages, with a combination of these letters as a shipper name?

    These packages routinely have the better part of a full roll of tape sealing all six sides of these packages.
    This is because they contain illegal, knockoff merchandise, almost always from NYC.
    These COD packages usually have a shipper name of CA, AS, CAS, ASH, SH, etc.
    Always a combination of the letters that comprise the word cash.

    See where this is going???
    How hard is it for these criminals to fill in the missing letters and cash the money order without a paper trail?

    Irony is often just, as I repeatedly warned the company (via loss prevention) of this transgression, always on deaf ears.
    Turns out one of my drug addicted co-workers heard me and saw fit to finance his habit by cutting himself into what I repeatedly warned the company was a laundered, illegal transaction.
    He stole these money orders and beat the company for the better part of $40,000 before being caught.

    What has changed in the interim?
    How hard would it be for one of these consignees to receive their merchandise, follow the driver around the corner, and take their money back at the expense of the drivers safety.
    Isn't that why we quit accepting "cash"?

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    OMG I have 15 to 20 per week. All to Arab marts, I call them. Not politically correct. And as a driver recently robbed. Thanks.
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    3 years ago I had a customer receiving overnight parcels from Arizona. Turns out she was buying and reselling pharmaceuticals from Mexico. Antibiotics and oxycodone based pain pills, Hydrocodone and Percodans.

    There are several back door clinics where undocumented workers go for medical treatment. Eventually they wind up in the local ER when the infection doesn't clear due to resistant bacteria or the pain pills fail to mask torn ligaments or muscles.

    The Division Manger took a package that had popped open and called in Loss Prevention. 5 months later the lady was arrested here..guess they got her connection in Arizona too. Her partners vanished but I suspect they're still around here somewhere.
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    Company will get back to you. Need 8 points and a few commentaries yet.
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    I had two more today, talk about money launering for the stores at the least. My guys are all vacationing in Jordan right now.
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    Never really noticed or payed attention. But I will now! Amazing how people think up these scams.
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    This is not an issue here. We did have a problem with the bogus money orders.
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    Actually it's my thinking, that at this stage of the transaction, it is the shipper that is seeking the protection of this money laundering system.

    Until your guys actually try to resell the merchandise, they can claim ignorance and that they are a victim.
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    Bubble, I have told some of the drivers about it, who have the same kind of stores. Funny how they can live in this country, run a business, but claim they cant write. I have always made them out, BUT they do not want the return addy put on it????
    never thought a thing of it.
    Now I tell them they have to be made out fully by YOU. If you cant do it, Ill bring the stuff back tomorrow after you find someone who can, and all of a sudden, quick and in a hurry they are writing. But they do it by sight, not by actually writing.
    But its not just the mid eastern people who get them, some people who go to flea markets do to. The funny thing is a sweet 72 yr old woman has a stand at a flea market, and she went to jail for 2 yrs for selling the knock offs. And she could not prove where she bought the stuff, imagine that!!
    Looking at the three trucks in the building who deliver to these places, I see how much money is being laundered through here, makes me ill.
    And they know all about the first of the month, our trucks are jam packed with them.
    And thanks for bringing up the point of saying to a bud, I just gave him/her, 20k in money orders, go get them back.
    I dont know much about money orders either, but they are always for 500.00 or under, never over, so you have a zillion of them.......
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    What kind of knock off merchandise is it?? I used to go to flea markets and buy fake Oakleys. They lasted for ever and I wish I could find them again.
  11. toonertoo

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    Coach purses, polo, nike