Casual feeder drivers paid more than back-up feeders.

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  1. I'm a Back Up Feeder driver in the NW. With that being said, I'm not at full scale yet. I'm on the 3-year progression and I have complete 1.5 years of that. I only drove package cars for a year and a half before I got to go into feeder.

    The union has made an agreement with UPS, that states that back up feeder drivers will stay in progression and tell they have reached 3rd or 4th year (depending which contract you fall under) or until you build a run and feeder. Whichever comes first.

    I'm thankful for the $19.15 that I'm making right now, but the casuals that they are training off the street for peak season are getting paid $27 an hour. Does anyone else feel that we should be paid the same rate for as long as they are working?

    UPS and the union have not had to deal with this yet, so it's a question to be raised.
  2. silenze

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    It depends on your local agreement. Our local has negotiated that we get bumped up to the seasonal rate during the seasonal period. Im In central Its currently 29$
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    I've never heard of a casual feeder driver or a back up feeder driver. Just full time and cover drivers. However I just started driving in feeders at the beginning of this year and making roughly the same as you are. They have put up a bid sheet for cover drivers for feeders and honestly it doesn't bother me they make more. I am full time, and they aren't and will probably be stuck like that for a while. And hell once my 4 years is up it won't matter. I believe thats how it is in package? The cover drivers make more out of the gate but make less in the long run.
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    We don't have cover or back up feeder drivers at our center
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    We have casuals that make 24$/hr I think and the 3 years I spent in progression never complained once here's why;
    As a casual you're not guaranteed any hour each day of the week if they don't call you tough.
    As a casual you're basically on call 24/7 365.
    As a casual you don't get any kind of benefits. At least ours don't.
    As a casual there's no specified wait time to go full time. The top casuals at my building have been casuals for close to 4 years now... Longer than I've been in feeders. So if you want to be like them by all means have at it lol. We are in progression to earn a full time spot. They're there as needed after full timers. Oh and once they become full time out casuals go back down to progression rate which is now 18.75.

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  6. That's what I'd like to see happen here! That's what I would this is fair. Are you in progression as well?
  7. silenze

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    Yes I am. Its nice getting seasonal pay for almost half the year. Especially since there is now a 4 year progression
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    Talk to your steward and/or BA. Moving all in progression up to the seasonal rate is practiced in locals in the Central. No reason it is not utilized everywhere.
  9. That's great to know, thanks for the information.
  10. What local are you in? That would be so amazing!
  11. What local are you in?
  12. What local are you in?
  13. Jersey brown

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    in 177 they are paying casuals $33 a hr,any book guy not at full progression goes up to that rate until the last casual is gone.we have 50 cas now word is they want 90
  14. pullbar

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    Same problem I have.
  15. scooby0048

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    We don't have feeders at all in our center...well, we have two but the only way someone will ever see a spot in them is if one or both the guys fell off the planet...or you're friends with a hitman.
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    Part timers make more money the full timers in progression. Then when a part time because full time the want to drop their pay back to progression start wage 18.75. When you where just making 28.45 for the same job. Ludacris
  17. silenze

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    Feeders are sometimes done by an area that makes up several centers. My area covers 4 centers. Some have 2 drivers some have 150 feeder drivers
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    You were right clear up until the end. It doesn't matter what your supplement says, the NMA states that you can not take a pay cut when you take a new position except when you go from package/feeder to 22.3 combo positions. When these casuals go feeder they will enter at their current hourly wage or at beginning progression, whichever is greater. All of our casuals start at Utility per NMA if they were pt utility or where they were in package progression if they weren't pt utility.
  19. UPS4Life

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    Do you know where I can find that in the NMA or my supplement? The only reason I ask we run casuals to death and I'm 99% positive ours take a pay cut because when the last three tripped they were notified 2 months later and had to pay back pay for those two months as well as start the three year progression because it was right before the contract date. I understand you can't take a pay cut but it is also my understanding that casuals are not "ups employees" they can't bid on jobs, they don't get benefits, they're not full time, they're not even part time. When it comes to the elections they don't even get to vote. Also when it comes to pay how could you make a casual full time and pay them more than your people in progression because we run casuals all year round and progression people do not go to seasonal/casual rate.

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  20. pullbar

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    I need this information now. I need to file my grievance.