Casual feeder pay

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by SkinnyPaul, Feb 20, 2020.

  1. SkinnyPaul

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    I'm a casual feeder and I got started at $30hr before peak. Did peak. After that I had to get the union to get me working again. No layoff. Not seasonal. A pure bread vacation coverer.

    They dropped my pay to $21.50

    Where's my red circle?

  2. That was seasonal pay. Now you are a regular employee and thats the starting wage.
  3. Sweeper

    Sweeper Where’s the broom?

    If you worked under my supplement you’d have an out. You could bid on one of those great new 22.4 jobs. Ask your steward if you’re able to bid on one of those in your local. Here is your red circle. :censored3:
  4. ManInBrown

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    Red circle. Lol. You were hired permanent. Now you go all the way back down and go thru progression like everyone else. You really didn’t think you were going to stay at 30 did you? Did you think you were special, and they were going to let you bypass contractual wage progression? You got 30 because in feeders they are desperate at peak and they know no one is going to work for them for 20 bucks an hour as a temp.
  5. SkinnyPaul

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    That's why most people quit, or stay for 10 years to win a bid on a route. But I only have one person ahead of me to bid. So. Just have to wait for 2 drivers to retire.