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    Had my first opportunity to deliver my first night delivery. It was to an address that was about 40 miles from the station. The reg driver was easily through the area and done for the day. I volunteered for the two hours of OT. Got to the house and asked the customer if he chose this service. He said "yes, seemed like a no brainer for $5." His fuel and time are easily worth that. For FedEx maybe not. Two hours of OT and fuel. Love the business we are in. But I bleed purple, GO Fred Smith and Co.
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    Didn't home delivery have this first? Customers probably liked the service and upper management forgot that the reason it worked is cause they weren't paying anyone overtime. I sat at a evening delivery for over an hour once and when it turned 5 and went to ring the bell I asked the lady what time she has been home since? She'd been home all day. Asked about it and was told "park around the corner till 5 we can't show up on the report."
    This makes no sense folks.
  3. Route 66

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    and precisely why FedEx embraces it.
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    yep, since some of our routes are so blown up, we do stay out there until 8pm or later all year long... when a HD driver gets one of these "evening deliveries" & if their route gets finished before then, they can either "flex" that one stop to a neighboring route that starts later in the day or suck it up go shopping or something and wait until 1700.

    Before, the driver can call ahead of the time window & see if the customer was home

    with the onset of select FedEx Office / kinko locations being open 24-hours, more and more packages can be diverted there for the customer to pick it up at their leisure
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    We had the same thing happen on a Saturday, last stop of the day, two hour wait, an hour away from the terminal. My temptation would have been to hand sheet the package (scanner failure) and leave but that would be falsifying and that would be wrong.
  6. Operational needs

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    I had a package (on a Monday) about a month ago that I released at the door. Next day I got a message from a CSA telling me to go back to pick up package because it wasn't supposed to be delivered until Friday--it was an appointment package. I was on a different route then, so guy doing that route picked it up. Following Monday I got the SAME package that was attempted on Friday and code 8. So..... I released it AGAIN. One package delivered twice, picked up twice and one code 8. Wonder how much Fedex made off of that fiasco...
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    This whole concept ranks right up there with Zapmail, Sunday delivery, Hotelpak etc.
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    We call it a "business plan".

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    Absolutely correct. A smart company would have asked frontline employees about the actual logistics of doing these kind of deliveries. It would easily be shown that they were a bad idea, and a money-losing proposition. But no, we have to go out and prove to the dumb Memphoid who thought this up that it is a stupid idea. I suspect that they are losing big money on this deal.
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    Had a CDO delivery yesterday on the route I was covering. Appt. was 12-2 on an area with noon P1 commit. End of P1 on this route is about 15 miles past the first stop. Had to reverse the P1's and start at the outer end and work my way back (and took six lates in the process) to make sure I was there for the commit time. Manager told me P1 lates were OK, but late CDO wasn't! Yup, this BS is a real moneymaker, not!
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    So we made the 5.00 surcharge on the CDO and gave refunds on 4 of the 6 other delivery stops.

    ​And to think we are the ones getting drug test.
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    I don't see too many CDO appts or evening deliveries; people really like picking their stuff up at Kinko's though. I wish they'd allow the Express stations as pickup locations. Customers in our northern service area would rather go there than drive all the way to us.
  13. Cactus

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    No wonder why they can't make double digit profits with that kind of poor business sense.
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  15. Operational needs

    Operational needs Non desistas. Non exieras.

    W​here is is that doggone "like" when we need it?!?!
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    We've had exactly ONE CDO at our STA... LOL it's a joke most people don't care.
    Granted the customer service line always tells people we'll be there by the servicecommit time..
    of course we'll be everywhere right at exactly 10:30 12:00 and 4:30