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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by pretender, Nov 27, 2003.

  1. pretender

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    Given the nature of our jobs, I assume that most of us have cell phones--Just wondering what companies people are using...I have been with Sprint for a few years, and have not been delighted--yet not bad enough to change. Plus, I am getting a great discount through UPS. I had Verizon before Sprint, and briefly tried ATT and Nextel last year, before deciding to stick with Sprint. It seems as though there is no one company that I am completely satisfied with--not to mention, that the phones seem to be getting smaller and smaller--almost like toys... However, the battery on my older Samsung (SCH--3500) just died; and I am debating whether to shop around again for another phone and/or provider, or just get a new battery. My major complaint with Sprint is that there is a delay when I am talking to someone, and as a result, we are always "stepping" on each other. I was told by Sprint that it is because of my older technology phone--However, maybe they just want to sell me a new one??
    Thanks in advance for any advice!
  2. upsdude

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    I was mere moments from dropping Sprint when a customer on my route guaranteed me great service if I changed phones. He gave me an awesome deal on a Sanyo SCP-4900 and the phone works perfectly. Apparently Sprint upgraded their system to 3G technology and my old phone was 2G. Im so happy with Sprint now that I bought my wife a Sanyo SCP-8100 (for 99.00) and renewed the contract for another year. I also have a NEXTEL that I use for my NASCAR job. I love the 2-way feature but the cell portion leaves a lot to be desired.
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    Verizon is the best in our area. I tried sprint for 2 years and service was terrible. The answer to everything seemed to be the phone was outdated or needed to have the software updated. I couldn't run my business when I kept dropping calls all the time. Verizon was a little bit more but service is excellant. I think a lot depends on the area you in. I am in Indiana. My daughter has ATT and I wouldn't recomend them either.
  4. brown39

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    I had ATT, but it was unreal where the phone would NOT work...areas not covered seemed more than areas covered. I got a better deal with fess, charges, and better service from Verizon. I no longer use any long distance carrier.
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    I use Alltel. Phone is a Motorola T720c. Works pretty good.
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    Have had good luck with sprint for three years, a few dead areas but the discount helps overlook that. Tried alltel first but too many roaming charges.
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    There are too many variables to tell you which service to use. My Sprint phone does not do well in NJ, but my Verizion phone works well there. My Verizion doesn't do well in Florida but Sprint owns the market there and their cell coverage is OK.
    You have to try some carriers in your area.
    And too, the new technology does improve things alot. Get a new phone when you renew your contract.
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    Most major carriers are on the same towers through the entire tri state.The difference is that Verizon, At&t, and t-mobile use more repeaters on the ground.These are the services that the signal can penetrate through walls.With most contracts, you can cancel within 72 hours with no hidden fee.
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    Try this site to compare rates. http://clarkhoward.com/topics/cellphones.html Ive heard that if you threaten to switch providers since #'s are now portable, some companys will give incentives to keep you. BTW, Sprint gives me a 20% discount. What corp discounts do the other providers give?
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    crystal - Sprint should be giving you a 25% discount, that is what I get, and that is the corporate discount they have agreed to
  11. crystal_ball

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    I will get with them. The plan I have now covers 2 phones 2 lines 2000 anytime shared minutes unlimited nite and weekend free sprint to sprint minutes all nationwide for about $80 a month bottom line. I got it last Christmas. "Free and Clear 2000" but I dont think its still avail. It has a 1 year agreement which is about to expire. So Im starting to shop for a new plan. Sprint doesnt work well indoors, but they all have flaws IMO. Wish www.metropcs.com was avail here, they look good.
  12. crystal_ball

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    Pretender, aftermarket batterys are cheap on ebay, but I would get an OEM battery if you plan to keep the phone.
  13. pretender

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    Well, I decided to switch to Verizon..No good reason--since, as stated, they all have their flaws. The fact about the repeaters swayed me, since I did have problems indoors with my Sprint phone.

    FWIW, I did find out that Sanyo is reputed to work well with Sprint--which would confirm your experience upsdude. Audiovox and LG are supposed to be the best phones with Verizon...
  14. proups

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    Sprint here for the past three years, and I could not be happier. I had Cingular and Verizon - not happy with the service areas and roaming charges with either plan. Then Sprint came along with the 25% discount - can't beat it.

    Besides, I like the guy in the Sprint commercials with the trench coat much better than the "can you hear me now?" dude!
  15. smf0605

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    Not to mention, nights start at 7:00 pm with Sprint.
    The other carriers usually consider nights to start at 9:00 pm.
  16. local804

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    whats the sprint average one phone plan?
  17. dannyboy

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    Dealing with the sprint land line phone crew I have had nothing but trouble. Service is poor, quality of calls is very poor, and the operators must take their training from our crowd at the UPS phone center.

    If for no other reason I would not use sprint than for all the troubles and hard time they have given me, not to mention the money they have sucked out of me for really not much in return. And now that by law they have to sell you yellow page adds even if you only use cell phones.......If only I could figure out a way to use the fax over a cell phone.

  18. cheryl

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    We use t-mobile... The customer service has been pretty good, but coverage has not been reliable in all areas of Southern California.

    We have actually waited since August when our contracts ran out to take advantage of the new number portability that went into effect on Nov 24th. After shopping around we'll call t-mobile to let them know that we're comparing other carriers with the intention of moving our accounts. That strategy never fails to generate additional discounts...

    Anyone have one of those new camera phones?
  19. upsdude

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    My wife has the Sanyo SCP-8100 Camera Phone (through Sprint). We didnt need another camera but my kids have enjoyed playing with it. Id be more impressed with the camera if I could down load directly to my PC. There may be a way of doing so that Im not aware of.
  20. formerbrown

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    Couple of suggestions:

    I bought my phone from Radio Shack (Sprint). The local Sprint center told me I could buy the phone cheaper there. I bought the extended warranty which also gave me a free battery every 6 months over the three year period. I heard they changed it to one per year now. Radio shack has been very good about helping me with any problems I had with the phone.

    I upgraded my phone a couple of months ago to the picture phone. By upgrading, I had to buy the phone but kept my current contract. I had nights starting at 7PM and didn't want to lose it. I also kept my current bill which meant I pay about $35/ month. Much less than the $70+ I know someone else pays for thier picture phone. I can't e-mail or send the pictures, but I bought the cable to download them to my computor so I can send them or print them from there. I have a plan that gives me two phone that share 500 minutes and gives each 500 minutes nights & weekends for $35 each. I don't go over my minutes on either one and since I am passed my inital contract, I can cancel anytime without charge. I am sure thier is better out there but if it ain't broke....