Cenk Ugyur's Smackdown of History "PROFESSOR" Newt Gingrich

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Jan 6, 2012.

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    A guy on youtube said it so it must be true!
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    I think it might be time to retire your avatar. Those black walnuts have gone bad.
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    He aint just a guy brett..... He CENK!

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    This is a good reminder to all moms out there......be careful what you name your babies.
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    Cenk is usually better than his take on the Founding Fathers growing marijuana. The hemp plant was grown during that period to mainly make rope and I have never seen any evidence that indicated the Founding fathers smoked hashish. I have heard estimates on his same network that the marijuana today is over a hundred times more potent than the hemp plants of the 18th century.

    Newt got it wrong too ... the crime and social issues occur in those countries where opium, heroin and other more debilitating drugs are semi-legal. Where only marijuana has been semi-legalized, there is no real difference ... maybe just a slight downward trend but not statistically significant.

    So on the Truth-o-meter scale. PolitiFact | The latest statements we've reviewed
    Check out the this site - it is fairly unbiased (I think they give the politicians a benefit of doubt, which I'm not sure I would give).
    You'll see that Obama mostly gets "half truths" but Newt gets many "Pants on fire" and "half truths".

    By the way, "Politicians hate this site." according to politico.com

    Cenk - False Usually Cenk is at least half-truthful on what he says but this was just an attack piece with extremely twisted facts in his logic.

    Newt - Half True New, as usual, speaks off the cuff without having all the facts logically laid-out. He loves to field questions and show off his depth of knowledge and make deductions on the fly. He is very good at it and is usually closer than this.
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    HOAX, how do you think the founders who grew the pot found out about the uses of the plant? It was from the indians who were growing, using and smoking it.

    The indians were smoking pot and other plants long before they were victims of genocide and forced off their lands, leaving their crops to the white people. To say that the founders who grew pot didnt smoke it is disengenous as they knew the purpose of the plant.

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    While I support the legalization of marijuana to be treated much like alcohol, I am not willing to infer that our founding fathers used Marijuana as a recreational drug (Note that I did not state that they did not). Furthermore, that is not what Cenk said - he used the word Hashish. There is certainly no evidence that the Founding Fathers smoked Hashish.

    Unlike you, I do not let my desire to argue a point take a grain of sand and turn it into a mountain.

    Please don't refer to my posts with your normal distortions of grains of sand to try and argue your emotionally based beliefs.

    It just makes you seem ... well ... TOS.

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    I would like to see marijuana de criminalized. I have not read alot in this thread. Its ridiculous. The only problem is it stays in the system forever, while the really damaging ones it leaves in 2 days.
    I know people who get it in states where its kinda legal, who get great help for anxiety,chronic back pain and MS, and relief from chemo after effects, nausea and vomiting and muscle spasms.
    Legalize it, already. Did they ever once arrest a person for road rage, bar fight, domestic violence on marijuana. I doubt it, but if they did it was because other drugs were added to the cocktail.
    I do not think it is a gateway drug.
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    Marajuana is also very helpful for some people with insomnia and impotence problems.

    Marajuana may be a gateway drug but not near as much as alcohol is. Almost all people who get involved in hard drugs used alcohol as a starting point or a means along the way.
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    Wouldn't curing the latter make it harder to cure the former?
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    I dont know about impotence, but insomnia, I would bet.
    I think it would be a cause of impotence. But in some people that could be a good thing for the rest of us.
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    Not if you acted on it ... 2 minutes in and out like a light as the saying goes.
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    Romney asked about industrialized hemp

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    I would have been surprised if he did know what it is.
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    Can't blame Romney too much as it appears TOS doesn't know his history as well. If he did he'd know that hemp was to valuable as an industrial cash crop to be "smoking up the profits" so to speak. Besides, the traditions of Europeans was in distilled alcohol and those folks were serious drinkers. Historian Thaddeus Russell in his book, "Renegade History of the United States" points out the nature of early colonial life around the years of the nation's founding and serious drinking was the method of getting lit up.


    As a sidenote 804 would do well in listening to Thaddeus to get a much better idea in what libertarians really are instead of mouthpiecing the topdown ideal. He's still not gotten the full understanding of what full Occupation is really all about but he's getting close if he'd just be brave and drop that other shoe!
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    I prefer Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States".