center manager's/BM's: Love Em/Hate Em?

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    I started this thread in response to something Bad Company posted in another current thread. In the years that my current center manager (Center Manager)/BM (Business Manager) has been with us, I have neither grown to love or hate him. I basically find him to be an alright guy, who tries to get his job done. Even though there is the politics and other shenanigan's that they have to put up with, he's been quite even handed. We have had other center manager's/Bm's that have been way nicer, or handled things differently, but all in all this guy is okay. I thought that center manager's/Bm's were changed every so often, so they could break in new blood, but this guy has been here for years, while other's have lasted as little as a year. In my 14 years, out of 10 or less center manager's/Bm's, I think 2 or 3 of them should have been demoted. What's it like where you are?
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    I have lost count of the number of them I have had in the last 26 years. My first one lasted about ten years, he retired a little early maybe because of some "creative bookkeeping" from the rumors I heard. I have had about ten since then, a few of them I can't even remember their names now. Being close to Corporate, we have had one or two greenies that were sent down to see what a Package Car looks like. I have the reputation of being able to get the job done and knock out decent numbers, so I seldom get any real grief. I have liked just about all of them on a personal basis, they all seem to be people that are put in a difficult no win situation with the higher ups.
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    I've worked for and with (when I was pt mgmt) some really great ones. Unfortunately, shortly after I became a driver, there seemed to be an influx of piss poor ones coming through the pipelines.

    I don't judge them on a personal basis... to quote a former center manager for the other center in my hub, " I'm not here to be your ****ing buddy". However, I do judge them on their ability to be leader and to do their job efficiently. I judge them on their ability to make a decision (which my current one hates doing) during a critical moment in the operation without haste or panic. I compare them to the good ones that I've had to privilege to work with. I get extremely frustrated when the same mistakes and excuses are repeated constantly, and there appears to be little or zero accountability for their actions. I get upset when I get accused of doing something before they do their research and find out that I wasn't even working that day. I get even more upset when this happens on a somewhat regular basis. I get irate when I am told by my center manager to have patience with an on-road supervisor (16 years at UPS) because he is new to the position and doesn't know a lot of things that I (5 years at UPS) know.

    I get peeved when I learn that my current center manager only has his job because he threw a major temper tantrum earlier in his career, barricaded himself in his office to prevent being walked out, and called the NAACP to his defense.

    I don't love or hate my center manager. But I sure as hell do expect them to do their job or get replaced by someone who can.
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    I've worked for 13 center managers. There have been all kinds, the worst in the business and the best. The center manager I have now is the best I've ever had. He's bright, fair and honest. Anything I can do to make his operation look good, I certainly try.
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    I had 9 or 10 center manager's during my 30 and they were all pretty much made in the same mold. They would come in smokin- ready to set the world on fire. After a few months they would settle down and do there center manager thing for a few hours and then disappear. They could act like they were your best friend one minute and stab you in the back the next and not blink an eye. They were the type of people that never did fit into our little town and stood out like a sore thumb. They would leave town on the weekends and go "back home" - never getting envolved with any local community things. Can't say I "loved" any of them but there were a couple I could say I "hated". Back then it didn't matter because you knew they wouldn't be around very long. The one they have now has been there 8 years. It sounds like the guys now don't need a center manager at all. They could all take their orders by speaker phone from the DM on his morning call.
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    I just loves my BMs!!! Usually when I get to my turn, the coffee and doughnut start screaming, "LET ME OUTTA HERE"!
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    It seems like the center managers are not moved very often,where the hub managers are moved about every 1 or 2 years ,2 years is a long time to work for one hub manager.In 11 years i really cant say how many hub managers i have worked for maybe 6 or 7 maybe more,most are alright guys who are just there to do there jobs nothing more.There are some of them who are there to make a statement or really make life hard on there people but i think these guys are few and far between.
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    I've had 2 center manager's in my career. They both seem fine on a personal level and have earned my respect. That's not to say that are anything near perfect. But I see them as reasonable people just trying to do the best that they can. I just try to stay off the radar and have minimal contact with them. The current one can be a b*tch when he's stressed out. But I'm sure I can too.

    I am thankful to have the center manager's I've had. Because from the stories I've read here I imagine that I could have it a hell of a lot worse.
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    I recently changed centers in the last bid and reluctenly left a center manager I enjoyed working for. Not because he was nice, cool or whatever. He was nothing but nice or cool. What he was straightforward, honest and fair. Above all he is FAIR. Many drivers hate this guy, but these are the ones who are pri---s to him. If you're going to be a jerk, he is going to treat you the same way and I can't fault him for that.

    When he first came to the center he asked me to come off my route for the day. I was hesitent but he said he would return the favor in the future. He lived up to his word and freed me up one gorgeous spring day that I wanted to go fishing. He asked a bunch of other times to come off my route and I agreed. In return, when I needed time off and the option day was taken he would tell me to call in sick and would never make a fuss about it.

    I felt like it was good relationship. You help me out and I'll help you out thing and he always did. From this experience I have some hope with regards to UPS management. I'm thinking if you give a little to them, they will give a little back. Act like a jerk and be only out for yourself and you'll get the same treatment in return.
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    I hate all the Union guys!!!

    Just kidding!:happy-very:
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    Actually, YOU'RE the fire hydrant! I did however fix a few things for ya.