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    I just got my sup contract/ballot in the mail, the gains are as follows:

    ** 3rd week of vacation after 9 years(it was 10 yrs)

    *** part-timers transferring to temporary cover drivers will retain their part-time rate if it is higher than the start rate for TCD(TEMPORARY COVER DRIVER) untill the progression rate catches up

    *** additional annual bid for package car drivers (3 TIMES) (it was 2 times)

    *** yard jockeys don't have to wear uniforms

    *** priority opportunites for feeder runs over casuals( we have casual feeder jobs in our area)

    ***increase number of preferred jobs(i think part positions)

    ***incrases opporitunites to use personal holidays for sunday-thursday dispatches

    ***increase tool allowance(mechanics)

    ****increased break between shifts for part-timers to 30 minutes

    ***part-time start times will be listed weekly and the company will be required to advise of changes as soon as possible , but no later than the end of the previous shift

    ***by mutual consent an employee may take an unparid 1/2 meal period(30 minute meal)

    ***the pakage driver helpers, all temporary cover dirvers and employess hired prior to aug 1, 1995, now have a rate of $12.50 per hour, this is an increase of $2.50

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    Im not sure i quite understand the last one. Shouldnt TCDs and employees hired before aug 1 95 be getting higher than 12.50 anyways? Cover drivers up here start at 17/ hr now with our new supplemental.
  3. tieguy

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    3 package car bids a year? how does the center train them that often. might as well make them all cover drivers.

    half hour meal is a nice feature.

    looks like you're catching up to the rest of the country on the other parts.
  4. HazMatMan

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    3 weeks vacation after 9 years??? We got it after 5 years.
  5. Steward773

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    Hey Pal,

    3/4's of these were in the origional supplement that we voted down. There were 4 improvements, the best being part timers won't take a pay cut to go driving. The other three are too petty to list. Why don't you pull up the other supplements that surround ours and compare them. Then you will see they didn't offer any REAL gains, We get the scraps! They didn't even bother to use our proposals from our building or have a meeting before they re-negotiated. Thanks for being a "cheerleader" though.

  6. BIG??? Company will give these petty things away as a consolation prize. They made OUT BIG! One pension down. The domino effect has begun.