Central Region- Team Care Age Disparity

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    This is quoted right from the TeamCare website-Retiree Download.

    "The minimum age for the UPS Retiree Health Plan is reduced to age 52 for UPS employees who are full‐time prior to 8/1/2013 (except for those covered underCentral Region Supplement). "

    My question is "Why is Central Region omitted from purchasing insurance at 52 years old?' We have to work to 55 to purchase insurance.
    This seem extremley unfair, I will have 30 years at age 53, I can not retire until age 55 under this plan because of the insurance while the rest of the country can retire under the same circumstances at a younger age.
    I would urge all Central Region voters to vote NO until our age requirement is lowered to be on par with the rest of the country.
    Am I missing something? It seems like common sense we would all have the same age requirement.

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