Central States Health & Welfare Language - Language I cannot TRUST?

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    There are MANY things I like about this tentative agreement..with one major exception...

    LOOK at what the Memorandum of Understanding has to say about YOUR/OUR BENEFIT LEVELS.

    CSHW has the right to MODIFY your benefit levels.

    Any gains we have made in wages will easily be taken away by reduced medical coverage. I URGE ALL OF YOU to closely examine your medical coverage and vote accordingly. Ask questions at your Local meeting.....ask for a schedule of benefits and a guarantee that your medical coverage will be the same level of coverage as it is now......throughout the duration of this contract.

    Memorandum of Understanding

    United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) and the Teamsters UPS National Negotiating Committee (Union) provide the following in order to detail the benefits available through Central States Health & Welfare plan. Nothing within this Memorandum of Understanding shall affect the Central States Health & Welfare Trustee’s right to modify benefit levels.

    The base benefits for all employees covered by the Central States Health & Welfare Fund shall be the C6 schedule.
    (NOTE: This C6 PLAN is an 80/20 plan.....a significant reduction in benefits for many UPSers.)

    Enhancements shall be made in the C6 plan in the following areas for all employees who will be covered by the Central States Health & Welfare plan for the first time effective January 1, 2014: Phased in deductible; (HOW MUCH$) reduced co-pays for medical office visits, (HOW MUCH$) physical exams and well child care and mail order prescription drugs.

    etc....................additional language outlined in original agreement........
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    Yes, but it's FREE!
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    You are reading too much into it.

    4. Short term disability, life insurance and dental benefits will first be provided through Central States Health & Welfare. UPS will cover the differential between what Central States Health & Welfare currently provides and what the employee had as a benefit prior to January 1, 2014.

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    Bug.....you know me...I ALWAYS read too much into it.....I micro-analyze everything in my life...

    Thanks for the additional information....Will we have a schedule of benefits to examine before the vote?

    The statement that CSHW can modify our benefits...is a leap of faith... That said...as a Jan 1, 2014 35 year part-time retiree......I am more than happy with the $2100 pt pension...never expected it....but certainly appreciate it... Never in America we will ever see a $2100 pt pension again...