Central States Pension end of year update 2012

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by derf3733, Jul 9, 2013.

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    It is just a matter of time before this fund goes belly up.. Heck, we have 25 guys on the seniority list in feeders who all have over 35 years of service and in packages there are at least 150 people able to retire.. When these drivers start to retire nationwide, just wait and see how this fund is affected. I feel the fund will be belly up within 10 years. UPS already paid their obligation, now we see the monies going in is getting much smaller as the smaller trucking companies are going bankrupt, and the ones still operating are contributing only a percentage of what UPS was putting in per employee. Central states & the union do not understand simple math.
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    The point you make is a very valid one --but it is applicable to the entire United States --not just the Teamsters.

    The government has EXPANDED "entitlement programs" welfare, housing, cars ,cell phones ,food cards nrg etc etc---more and more "takers" rather then "producers"

    As the Baby Boomers continue to grow old and retire in record numbers ---the "takers" will outnumber the "producers " and wala --the U.S is bankrupt with chaos and rioting in the streets when people finally realize the gravy train has been run into the ground.
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    you crack me up. "oh no, the doom and gloom"... "the rioting in the streets!".... we are going to be greece... blah blah blah.

    Listen bro, Its guys like you that need to take responsibility for the country being in the mess that its in. You supported REAGAN, who first started to export jobs out of the country, then Bush 1 when he created NAFTA sending millions of jobs overseas, then BUSH 2 who sent 55 thousand good working factories overseas along with over 11 million jobs.

    Because of guys like you electing those leaders who short term benefit the corporations and long term hurt the country, we have a dying social security system.

    You call it "the free market", but when you send a job overseas, you no longer get payroll deductions that keep those funds alive.

    Any idiot could see that eventually, removing payroll contributions from social security would ultimately kill it, yet the republicans continued to do it with complete disregard for the shortages that would hurt all americans down the road.

    But now, YOU, cry about the rioting in the streets and such, and it sounds just, well, plain silly.

    You should have considered this years ago, when you became a republican.


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    Social security isnt an entitlement program. Look at your paycheck, we put money into it. If the government would either quit treating it as petty cash, or they would actually pay back what they have borrowed it wouldnt be going bankrupt. The baby boomers that are retiring paid money into it their entire working lives. As it stands, by the time I retire I will only get back 75 cents on the dollar.
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    It's not just Repblicans though. It's the entire government. There hasn't been a Pres and Congress and HoR that have together tried to repair SS in my lifetime. When they do take a look at it, all of them use it as a bargaining chip to get concessions in other areas they want. They are unwilling to take a look at it and attempt to fix it for the general good.
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    Again the Kool aid drinkers on the left and right --let the Politicians live the viva loca --and keep people dependant on them --for their own power base. Pointing out bad behavior on 'THE OTHER SIDE" DOES NOT JUSTIFY THE royalty OF TODAY.

    Also hard to argue with hard stats --Pension fund or Trillions of Dollars in Debt and rising !!!

    P.S. Bro --I owe your no explanation of my political beliefs ----again and for the last time --although you cannot see the truth right in front of your eyes --I AM AN INDEPENDANT---not a Limosine Liberal or anything to do with the Grand VERY OLD PARTY !! To me Obama and McCAIN ARE TWINS !!

    Also when our Secretary of State gets off his Yaucht --ask him why Heinz has all of its factories and processing plants in different countries . Wow cannot be --He is a DUMOCRAT --

    The unions call for boycott of twinkies --yet slop that Heinz crap on everything they eat. Go figure ???

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    I hate to be the one that blows your argument out of the water here, but a very large portion of Heinz Ketchup is actually produced in a facility in Ohio.

    They also have facilities that I have seen in both Florida and Massachusetts.

    Do they have facilities overseas? Yeah, probably. But I've definitely know of 3 here in the US, plus their world HQ in Pittsburgh.

    A little research goes a long way.
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    Apparently none goes even further.

    I've seen posts on here filling up the whole screen of made up stuff ... paragraph after paragraph.
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    Many of those "takers" work FT, just as you or I. The average ten year FT Walmart associate* earns just over $10/hour, without benefits. That's barely $20,000/year. Honestly, for a company that employs 1% of all Americans, and sets the wage standards for millions of others, what do you expect? We have FT UPS employees earning ~$32/hour, and set to earn $36/hour, complaining that their wage hasn't kept with inflation / has little buying power.....

    *FT associate = somebody working in a brick & motor Walmart, which is the elephant's share of its workforce. Some employee groups, such as distribution, earn significantly more.
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    Walmart sucks in your area then.

    My X has worked at Walmart for a little less than 3 years and is making $10+, she gets benefits, Profit Sharing which averages for her between $1,500 - $3,000 extra a year. 10% discount, and the work in the stores is less than challenging.. Heck even the people that stock in my stores move at a snails pace.....

    Most of the 22.3's in my building use to be Drivers, and they took they pay cut, to preserve their bodies.......
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    You must live in an area with a high minimum wage. But Walmart ended associate profit sharing a couple years ago, the discount applies only to select regularly priced general merchandise (in other words, it excludes groceries) and the production standards are higher than most are lead to believe. And while the cost of insurance varies regionally, FT employees in California pay over $5,000/year for family HMO coverage; given that the average employee earns $20K, it's not surprising most decline it.
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    no name,

    Wow. A little research goes a long way. A large portion of Ketchup produced in Ohio. Wow there are three more facilities in the U.S. you state!!

    How about the 32 in Europe or the 18 plus in Asia. Not close enough ---check Mexico and South America and the Caribbean. Blow what argument out of the water???

    Just like the phony liberals on this board that state they hate Corporations -- yet spend their miserable lives working for them--- or they hate the free market and capitalism yet do not see them and others fleeing to Venezuela or Cuba--How much of Kerry's super yacht was finaced from outsourced funds- that he decried---phony !!
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    You had stated, and I quote:

    You were wrong, you were called on it, and you lashed out like a petulant child afterwards.
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    About that Central States Pension.....
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    Maybe you just didnt realize that ketsup is used all over the world, and its easier to supply the world if its manufactured all over the world, eh?

    Once again you show how much time YOU spend listening to "flame throwers" and repeating what you hear.

    You got Pwnd.


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    Wow -- a technicality!! Of course outsourcing of jobs can be swept away --why --double standard --Liberals
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    Its too bad you listen to rush limbaugh. Funny though, when his listeners simply repeat what they hear him say, then get called on it, they end up with egg on their face.

    Nice demonstration.