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    I'm trying to figure out if this section covers the bid process of a vacant full time delivery route caused from someone bidding to a different one. I think it does since it talks about how many training area a center should have and the bid process time perameters are the same as when a route comes up for bid. There is an unbid route in our center and they are not handling it according to this.
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    More importantly do u know of any other routes going unbid in your center?

    Also are you a bid coverage driver? As in contractually do have the right bid on vacation routes. Here they are called X coverage jobs. If you are one of these you forfeit the right to have any route given to you.
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    In our center we had a route that no other drivers wanted to bid so they are assigning it highest senior coverage driver, which doesnt seem to follow the guidelines in this article. Also In our center coverage drivers can sign up for what route they want to cover the following week. It often is not followed because of area knowledge and supervisors not training other drivers on different routes. But I'm not sure if we are "x coverage."
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    If you were x coverage you would have the right file a grievance and force them to train you on a vacation route if You wanted to. Likely your not.

    What I was asking is in the years you've been a driver have any other routes been passed on to the point that they were given away.

    If so who were they given to. This would establish past practice.
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    The last time it happened was in 2000 (previous contract). It was assigned to top coverage driver who just too management word that that was the correct procedure and didn't ask for proof. I have been full time coverage for 8 years and this is the first time this has happened
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    I agree with you and unlike some here totally think your doing the right thing. They all say seniority is kings until its one of the young guys trying to use it.

    Good luck I'm going to try and whip out the contract book this weekend and take a look.
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    Thanks for your help...any possible insight you can find would be very helpful and appreciated. This procedure is handled differently across the country because there no clear language in the master or many locals. I know its a bit different but when we added a satellite route a few years back they forced from bottom.
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    pm me details
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    In local 804 if no bids on the route it gets assigned to the lowest seniority cover driver. Once someone with less time comes in they have the option of jumping of the route and letting the lower seniority driver be forced to take. Seniority rules end of story
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    Where I'm from, any route that goes unbid, goes to the HIGHEST unassigned driver, if he/she wants it. If they don't want it, it goes down the list until someone grabs it. If no one grabs it, it gets assigned to the LOWEST unassigned cover driver. To the best of my knowledge, that is how it should be handled everywhere, but who knows? Different areas might deal with it differently.
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    File a grievance. In the Central region, article 3 section 8 is the bidding procedure. It works just like it reads.

    If no one bids the route, it should be offered to the highest seniority miscellaneous driver.... if the driver declines, it is forced on the lowest.

    It's just like the 4th move application. The company doesn't have to go down the seniority list.... as everyone had the chance to bid.

    Don't ever let the company pull that "area knowledge" crap. That's just an excuse for being lazy.

    When a designated "bid coverage" driver bids a route *because of vacation, disability, or workers comp* they are on that route

    Until the bid driver returns to work. Unless you have a Local Rider that says different.... thats how the bidding procedure should work.

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    Correct Dracula, High to low no matter what. That language was cleaned up in our current contract. Seniority ALWAYS prevails!!