Changes to DVIR and Vehicle Inspection Procedures

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    We had a PCM the other day regarding changes to both how the DVIR is filled out and who will be inspecting our vehicles. The changes with the DVIR now require that the DVIR be legibly signed each day. We are "required" to bring our DVIR books to the OMS so that she can make sure we have filled them out right. Sorry, I am an adult and refuse to be 2nd graded. Additionally, our vehicle inspections, which used to be done in-house, are now going to be done by an outside agency. I agree with this. No disrespect to our mechanics but it is always a good idea to have a fresh set of eyes. I wonder if this is in any way related to the legal issues the company had in regard to the vehicle with the broken frame knowingly put on the road in NY.

    Have any of you had any changes to how you complete the DVIR or in how your vehicles are inspected?
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    Dave, DOT has always required that the DVIR be signed legibly. I guess it's a pet peeve of mine because I've been driving commercially for so long. Most of our drivers have no clue even though they are told regularly that they have to sign legibly, most don't. It's all chicken scratch. We haven't heard anything about the vehicle inspections, unless it was mentioned yesterday. I was off.
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    I can understand the need to be able to identify the driver that signed BUT, a signature is just that, a signature. It is a person's "mark." Changing my signature so that its "legible" would not be my personal signature.

    Maybe instructing those of us who have hard to read sigs to print our last name next to, over or under the sig is the more appropriate action. You know, like on the high value sheets we sometimes see at pickups, where there is a line for our sig and then a line to "print name."

    The DIAD ties the truck to a specific driver via telematics so I personally feel this is all a moot point. The information is easily attainable by anyone that would need it, the center, automotive or DOT.
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    ​Doesn't matter. DOT requires a legible name. That's federal law. Print it, sign it.............. what ever. It must be legible.
  5. Yes, you must sign(however that ends up as long as it's at least first initial and last name(as it's always been...) A legible printed confirmation now required. This on all our DVIR and CCR in the Feeder Dept. Been that way for awhile.....BTW-it's unclear to me, how they(whoever that is) can force you to alter your signature(ie legibly)(legible printing is another question). I don't know who inspects our vehicles in the sw region. Our "mechanics"(I respect them highly)(it's not their fault) are really just part changers and are subject to the same draconian mandates from the ivory tower. I laugh out loud when we have to sign the annual "enviornmental statement" about discharging pollutants into the water supply and such as my power unit leaks 6 quarts of oil every week....
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    We got the PCM yesterday about this, there was no mention of outside inspections, but the legibility issue came up. One of our sup's said that any driver who has a "movie star" signature (illegible) should make his mark, and then print their first initial and last name. Its not THAT hard people, sign your first initial and last name legibly, if it takes you longer to write legibly, then that only adds to your OT for the day
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    I did that yesterday--my 2nd grade penmanship teacher would have been so proud of me.
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    Can we use a crayon ?
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    They must be going to start paying you when you walk to get the DVIR from your car if not I would file a grievance.... Most drivers in my building don't go to there cars untill after the PCM and some don't even get there EDD till after the PCM.
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    This is during the post trip check in, not in the AM.
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    The only thing we do differently is that we bring our yellow copy of the DVIR to the OMS where she checks us off on the manning list, instead of dropping it in the basket with all other paperwork.

    There was issues of drivers not filling the DVIR 2 years ago so this has become standard procedure. My signature is chicken scratch but my OMS knows who's copy it is when she sees it, which is all that matters. If the same signature is in the same book that the same driver uses for the same route, then even the DOT would not even bitch about it.
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    We've been told for quite some time now that if our signature isn't legible, we are to print our name our name underneath.

    I would think that if you alter your signature, it is not your signature!
  15. If your signature is chicken scratch then you should print it below so the DOT has nothing to bitch about.
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    What is done is the driver signs his signature on the line in the DVIR. Then the driver prints his last name under that on the DVIR. It's not rocket science. You're not being instructed to change your signature. Only to make sure it's legible in one way or another. We then turn in the yellow copy to dispatch at the end of day.

    Our vehicle are still maintained on site. No third party.
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    Our vehicles are also still maintained on site--it is the annual vehicle state inspections that are now being done by an outside agency.
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    I should have been more accurate. I believe they come on property to do that also. A third party inspector is ok as long as they are not making their money from the inspections.
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    I think DOT inspections by an outside agency is a fantastic idea.

    We were instructed several years ago to sign and then print our names on our DVIR.
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    When in-house work goes to an outside service then this puts jobs in jeopardy.

    This sounds like this is a labor issue that should be carefully looked at.

    The local supplement should protect this work as bargaining unit work and the company should be challenged on this.