changing postions?


Ground Down
2 years ago, i took a position with Rev/recovery. i still work out of the same building, and never lost seniority for my building, but my position is based out of some where else(extended center). with in the first 6 months i knew i didn't like the job, and knew i had to wait 6 months before i could change again. for the last year and a half i have been trying to get back to the local sort for the building that i work at. i have signed all bid sheets, spoke with everyone from my part time sups, to the center manager, and left a message with HR person for my center. on Monday they started a person who came over from are customer counter part of are building and they have less seniority then i do. i spoke with my steward, and said he would check with the BA. while i wait to here back from my steward, I'm looking for for some advice. Friday with be the 5th and last day that could file on this, if it's something i need to file on.