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    The chat room...

    In response to requests for a better way to draw attention to the chat room I installed a newer version of the chat software that had some extensions that looked promising. The chat software was still in beta and turned out to be a little buggy.

    Last night DS complained that the new version of the chat room was "useless" so I uninstalled all of the updates and reverted back to the previous stable software version.

    The chat software is working now but all this switching back and forth corrupted the flash cookies in my ancient laptop's internet explorer flash cache. Firefox didn't have any problems but ie kept coughing up a blank page so I had to clear my computer's flash cache.

    If you're experiencing this kind of trouble with the chat try this:

    1. Visit this link to clear your flash cache.

    2. Clear your browser cache.

    3. Close all browser windows.

    4. Open your browser and give the chatroom another try... this worked for me so hopefully it will work for you too.
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    this works,this thread needs to be at the top of the pile.
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    I blame it all on the Jim Casey Chat bot.