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  1. dutchups

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    Hello, although the homepage states that the record# of users of the chatroom is 6.
    I`ve not been able to log in on a moment someone else was in the room.

    My question, does any one use the chatroom on certain hours??
    I did look on times you are awake overthere across the ocean.....

    Regards from the Netherlands
  2. moreluck

    moreluck golden ticket member

    Dutchups......usually, there's no one on the chat room until about 10:00 PM (Eastern time) - 7:00 PM (Pacific time).
  3. pa59emt

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    Welcome Dutch! Look forward to some international input and different perspectives on issues that cocern us.

    MoreLuck - Didn't there used to be a group that tried to chat on Sunday nights at a specific time? I haven't been there myself, but thought you or Tooner used to try to get a group rounded up for chat on a specific night / time.
  4. moreluck

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    pa59emt.....Sat. or Sun. night at 7PM Pacific. Sometimes on weekdays too. It just depends on who pops in there. You can see if anyone is in the chatroom before you go in by looking on the main page of the forum.
    Doublestandard is a regular chatter and if he sees you sitting in the chatroom, he'll come in and say hi.
  5. DS

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    anyone feel like talking?
    11:12 11/07/06
  6. DS

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    :cool: WELCOME TO THE brown~cafe`
    Sunday night chat!newcomers welcome.