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    There is a guy in our center. This guy was just promoted to driver. He drove for about 6 months and now he is "injured". So now he is living it up. Getting paid 8 hours a day to sit in the office and act like a manager. When he's not sitting in the office and ratting drivers out, he might do meet points in his personal vehicle or in a UPS car. I see him passing me in brown truck, hat on backwards, five ears rings in each ear, a scruffy goatee, sleeves rolled up showing his ridiculous homemade tattoos. The worst part is that most days he is obviously high on pot. I have witnessed him smoking pot outside of work, which he does on a weekly, if not daily basis. This guy is working the system and has the mamagment eating out of his hand. Anyone care to give me a little advice on how to end his little scam? How does the drug testing work in this company? This guy couldn't pass a piss test to save his life. How can I arrange one for him?:devil3:
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    Sounds like you need to go up the ladder on this if what you say is true. But did you address these concerns with the center manager?
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    Focus on your own job. It is managements responsibility to confront him if they suspect drug use, not yours. Unless his behavior directly affects your working conditions, its not your issue to worry about.

    You are obviously ticked off with this guy and I dont blame you, but have faith in the knowledge that, in the end, he will get what is coming to him....even if you dont have the satisfaction of being there to see it happen.
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    I don't think you should do anything. He can only be on light duty for 30 days so he won't be driving around much longer. If he has been on light duty longer, than either a new precident is beening set (wrongly) for future comp employees, or the result of some dumb manager who doesn't know the rules.

    As much as it irritates you, grit your teeth and do nothing. The "whistle blower" ALWAYS gets burned. This will come back on you.
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    It's called Karma :wink2:
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    Call the police, from a payphone...
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    Take a picture of him in the PC and anonymously send it to the DM. or if you see him our on road driving the PC, if he isn't wearing browns call 911 and report a possible stolen PC.
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    What's a payphone?
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    LOL Haven't seen a payphone in years!:happy-very:
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    I like the way you think. :happy-very:
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    It is nice when "spouses" think alike.:wink2:
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    UpState use a smiiiily :greedy::surprised::sick:
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    I think Monavie, Helen and Sober are right. As much enjoyment you would get out of seeing this to come to an abrupt end, there are unforseen implications that might end up biting you in the backside. :peaceful:
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    Now your gonna say it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind?lol
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    Why is that? Because I liked the way you think? :wink2:
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    lol...never mind
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    I haven't even had any coffee yet. Come on, never mind what?:peaceful:
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    Misspelled words, smiley usage, the signs all point in one direction. He's cracking.
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    Is it time for an intervention? Maybe he just needs a date?
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    Your just jealous. :wink2::peaceful: