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    Is there a statue of limitations on how long we can claim a discrepancy in our check? I was shorted 17 hours about 3 weeks ago and just now got the check stub in my diad slot and noticed the mess up. For some reason it slipped me that week to check my bank statement to see how much was deposited into my checking account.
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    DS----you are wrong---there is a time limit in which pay discrepancies can be corrected. I refer you to the thread where the OP claimed he was shorted $1/hr for 2 years. There is no way he can claim back pay for 2 years worth of shortages. I believe the furthest we can go back is 60 days.

    Zags, this is why it is so important to check your paystub, whether on or a paper version, for accuracy the day that you receive it. It has only been 3 weeks---you should have no problem getting the alleged payroll shortage corrected.