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    So im a new off street hire made seniority Sept 1st i think . anyways...i have had a few rough days on the new routes i have been running . today was one of those days . saw route yesterday with sup for first time. today same route half of it was completely different with an extra two rural communities around 20 25 stops in each . long story short i have to break trace drive an extra 20 milesto take care of my businesses had to have a driver drive 25 minutes to come help me and i still miss a few stops (resis) so i can be under 12 hours .

    ive had a couple of days like this, probably not as bad , and it bugs me. Drivers at my center make me feel better by saying nice things but its a blow to the old ego . hope its normal and yall had a better day today .

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    Keep your head up bro. This job is kinda like when you are riding with your training wheels on your bike. You take the training wheels off and you crash a couple times. You may crash a couple times but eventually youll get it and become a pro. Same approach to this job bro. Youll be ok, its the hard times and struggles that make you a stronger better person.
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    Drink some beers this Friday and come on the brown cafe. We can get stupid.
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    Who cares now that you made book.
  5. Wally

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    You about summed up your next 10 years of work in that first paragraph. Good luck.
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    Thats gotta be the first post I've seen with y'all and cheers in the same post. :)
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    Once you get the nuances of driving down, it'll get marginally better. Now you know the job is harder than it seems. UPS is amazing about making the easy job of delivering packages hard. Commit times, SATER accounts (Whatever the acronym is...SADER?) ORION (bitch). But, and this applies to everything IMO, UPS is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you take it. Saw that on here somewhere and it's beautifully poetic.
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    It's been a craptacular week....I plan to get stupid lol
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    Soft kitty warm kitty little ball of fur.

    ​Hope that helped cause I'm not doing it again.
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    Thanks guys . I have learned quickly that thick skin is needed to stay afloat at ups . A few guys at my center made me feel better . guys with 30 years tell me there are days they still need bailed out . One of the on roads pulled me aside and said today is a clean slate make the most of it and forget yesterday. Today was much better .

    As a side note ...any recomendations on a good flashlight ? We have some at our center but was looking for maybe a spotlight or something . days are getting shorter.

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    If you have DIAD-V, there is an integrated flashlight. Though, I just light my way with the laser scanner.
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    I just .......opt in.....screw that saying out till 2100 in the first! a//
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    Before you know it you'll be fired just like most of us have!

  14. DS

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    Take your lunch.Try to be as efficient as you can..Take your paid break.Follow the methods.Take your lunch.They will learn fast you are not afraid to ask for help.If you skip your breaks you will set a precedent that will be expected.When it looks bad,stay cool,one stop at a time.Always remember,all the other morons in cars,could end your career if you don't watch out.Drive carefully.
  15. Dracula

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    These are your peak earning years. Start saving now for when our pension goes belly up. Turn your frustrations into easy overtime.

    You'll learn that talking sense to management is like speaking Greek. Unless you understand Greek. Then it's like speaking....well you get the message.

    Do everything they say. That is the path to independent wealth. Write everything down. Keep everything they give you. Learn to use their methods as insulation. It really is a simple task.

    You'll learn that safety pays very large dividends. Ignore the performance talk and harassment. Learn this simple phrase: "I'll do the very best I can, and safety is my number one priority. Help ME, help YOU."

    This is a company that pays very well to play very stupid. I'm on my 29TH year, and my work IQ drops at a healthy clip with each year. Not coincidentally, my compensation climbs as my work smarts go down. There is a lesson in that, but my work IQ prevents me from understanding that lesson. So, I slow down, follow the work rules, even the contradictory ones and be safe.

    Strangely enough, my paychecks get bigger and bigger the safer I become.

    When you get to the bottom of this conundrum, please private message me so I can understand it.

    In the meantime, I'll be here, tweaking my index funds and figuring out my retirement date.

    This IS the drunk post, isn't it?
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    Dracula Package Car is cake compared to this...

    I know that girl!! But her hair stinks like feet.