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    White House Stays Mum on Sestak Job Offer

    The White House continues to avoid discussing details on whether Democratic Rep. Joe Sestak was offered a job if he skipped the Pennsylvania Senate primary but spokesman Robert Gibbs said Sunday that lawyers reviewed conversations and found "nothing inappropriate."
    Sestak, a former Navy vice admiral who defeated Sen. Arlen Specter in the Democratic Senate primary last week, months ago said that the White House offered him a job to stay out of the race.
    Sestak refused to bow out then, and still refuses to say now what job was offered.
    "I was offered a job. I answered that," he said on NBC's "Meet the Press. "Anybody else has to decide for themselves what to say upon their role. And that's their responsibility."

    Wow!!! Either a Democrat (Sestak) is a liar or...The Obama admin is lieing....or both!!!
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    I think he should squeal like Ned Beatty in Deliverance as to WHO offered him the job !! We need a good piece of gossip
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    Questions Over Alleged Obama Funds For Kenya Vote

    By Fredrick Nzwili

    (ENI) -- Allegations by Kenyan churches that the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama is funding the government-backed "yes" campaign for a constitutional referendum in the East African country are being raised by American lawmakers.

    In a letter to inspectors general of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development, and the U.S. Government Accountability Office, legislators Chris Smith of New Jersey, Darrell Issa of California and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida have outlined their concerns.

    The three U.S. legislators are calling for a probe into the issue, Kenya's Star daily newspaper reported on 16 May. The report follows two week of allegations by Kenya's churches, which are advocating a "no" vote in the referendum scheduled for 4 August.

    Kenya's churches say the draft law opens the door to the legalisation of abortion and also back the provision of special Islamic courts.

    "We do not understand if all Americans agree with Obama that he can use American money to fund a 'yes' campaign in Kenya," said the Rev. Peter Karanja, the general secretary of the National Council of Churches of Kenya, on 30 April in Nairobi.

    Karanja said that many American Christians were standing with their fellow believers in the East African country.

    Anglican, Evangelical, Protestant and Roman Catholic churches have said they will oppose the draft law, which they argue entrenches "Kadhi" courts, as the Islamic courts are called. They also say it will legalise abortion and reduce freedom of worship.

    "In America there are lobbies fighting for increased worship space. Those will not be pleased to see a law passed that contradicts their values. It is imprudent for the administration to use their money to fund what they do not agree with," said Karanja.

    The U.S. lawmakers wrote, "The Obama Administration's advocacy in support of Kenya's proposed constitution may constitute a serious violation of the Siljander Amendment and, as such, may be subject to civil and criminal penalties under the Antideficiency Act."

    The U.S. law is said to apply to funding made through institutions such as the USAID. It prohibits funding for lobbying for or against abortion.
    Kenyan media reports have said that the U.S. State Department has pledged up to US$2 million to build support for the constitution.
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    Someone in the national media is FINALLY interested in Man’s Country in Andersonville

    Posted by hillbuzz

    Normally, it’s foreign journalists who get in touch with us when they’re in Chicago and want to go to the Southside to see how terrible it is, and talk about how Obama did absolutely jack squat for it as either a state senator or US Senator, and hasn’t used any of his particular brand of unicorn horn magic to improve it (or the black community residing there) since the illustrious Golden Age of Hope and Change began on January 20th, 2009.
    But, this time it was a US reporter who wanted information on Man’s Country in Andersonville, which is a place both Obama and Rahm Emanuel frequented in the past. Obama until 2002 or so, and Emanuel through 2008, according to what we’ve been told. We spent a good amount of time on the ground in Uptown, Boystown, Andersonville, and Hyde Park yesterday with this reporter, also telling him everything we knew about Trinity United Church of Christ and the Down-Low Club it operated under Jeremiah Wright’s supervision/matchmaking.
    What prompted this sudden interest in stories we’ve been hearing since 2004, when Obama first came onto the national scene, is the fact that at least one national journalist also thinks it’s odd — as we have been repeatedly saying — that The Enquirer, The Globe, and other papers have been so wildly gung-ho about reporting on old Vera Baker affair rumors pertaining to Obama…and how all of this comes on the heels of Kal Penn’s sudden and abrupt expulsion from the White House.
    Something is definitely fishy.
    Why the sudden need to portray this current president as an insatiably heterosexual stud who just can’t get enough women?
    Baker’s a diversionary tactic…designed to cover SOMETHING up…and we think that something is an affair Obama had with Kal Penn, which seems to have ended badly. We also think Penn was mugged not by a street thug in Dupont Circle, but by someone working for either the DNC or Organizing for America (or any number of its umbrella thugs), because Penn’s phone had something in it that would prove some kind of romantic relationship between the president and a Hollywood actor with zero government experience who was plucked off a TV show unceremoniously and lifted into a high profile made-up position in the White House…so he could be close to Obama in Washington, where Obama wanted him. Wanted in more than one sense.
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    So, who didn't know Soetoro was gay? It is not a big deal, really, it's just that he had to keep it quiet, or he would never have gotten elected. Someday we'll have an openly gay president, and most Americans will think of it as not really an issue, so long as he's doing his job, unlike this blithering moron.

    Ever see a picture of young Soetoro with a girl? Ever hear of a girl friend? What about a date for the Senior Prom? What about even a picture with his arm around a young lovely? Nope, never one. Not one is mentioned in either of the autobiographies. Come on, folks. It ain't that hard. (Whoops, I didn't mean it THAT way.)

    The one I should not have been surprised at is Prima Ballerina Emanuel. It had just never occurred to me.

    Kal Penn was definitely brought to Washington to be Soetoro's gay partner/lover ala Lewinsky. Have to get your rocks off somehow, and it wouldn't be with mama, that's for sure.
    After what trauma his mother caused by dumping the boy with Frank Marshal Davis I'm not at all surprised he has a secret hate for women and a secret lifestyle nurtured by Davis. The wife was a neccessity for the political picture just like Hillary.
    As this fraud continues to destroy our country, I am amazed at the "little ditty commity" media posting what type underwear Oman prefers or what type of sex he likes...yuck.. I felt ill for a moment there. ewwwwwwwww

    Anyway..question for ya all. Obama has no marriage certificate .. birth records of his supposed daughters... Did NOT go to Colombia U
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    Just gossip wise....Can't recall dates, but supposedly O. was hot for some choir director at some church. That choir director turns up murdered and what I was reading was insinuating that O. had sex with and later had the choir guy killed. I don't not believe was Chicago, after all!
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    The bombshell may involve the murder of Donald Young, a 47-year-old choir master at former Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ—the same congregation that Obama has attended for the past 20 years. Two other young black men that attended the same church—Larry Bland and Nate Spencer—were also murdered execution style with bullets to the backs of their heads—all within 40 days of each other, beginning in November 2007. All three were openly homosexual.

    What links this story to Barack Obama is that, according to an acquaintance of Obama, Larry Sinclair, Obama is a closet bisexual with whom he had sexual and drug-related encounters in November 1999.

    Further, Sinclair claims that Obama was friendly with at least two of these deceased parishioners, and that choir director Donald had contacted him shortly before being murdered from multiple gunshot wounds on December 23, 2007.
    An even more sinister aspect of this case is being investigated. According to Sinclair in an affidavit to the Chicago Police Department, Donald Young had informed him that he and Barack Obama were “intimate” with each other. Sinclair, it should be noted, declared on a January 18, 2008, YouTube video that on two separate occasions in November 1999, he engaged in sexual acts with Obama, and that Obama smoked crack cocaine—once in a limousine and the other time at a hotel in Gurnee, Ill
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    LOL. I think I've just found the primary source for Fox's next ground-breaking expose'. Our very own moreluck. Stay tuned for diesel's reporting on what Fox reports about what moreluck just reported.:happy-very:
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    There was a legitimate store and Baba posted it. When there's all kinds of smoke, there's usually a fire. If there's big stuff going'll be Mike Walker that breaks the story....just ask John Edwards !!
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    Like Bill Clinton had Ron Brown killed?
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    People don't smoke crack cocaine once.
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    Are you going to the Mr. Leather contest this weekend ??? Why would they have a "MR." anything contest in a MEN'S club. Why isn't it held at a playgirl place,,,,is this a Gay club only? Are you saying our messianic leader belonged to such an establishment. You blew it Barry!! (literally?)
  15. Baba gounj

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    The clerk will ask you for your valid picture ID, The information on your picture ID is stored for our use only!

    So they keep records of who visits them, and how often.
    barry is skipping Memorial Day at Arlington National and going to Chicago, could he be planning to delete these records ?
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Could it be he is in the mood for some deep dish pizza?
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    Congressman: White House Job Offer to Sestak May Be an 'Impeachable' Offense

    The White House reportedly is going to formally address the allegation in the next few days. In the meantime, Issa, R-Calif., is one of many inside and outside Washington who want the Democratic Senate primary candidate to explain in detail what offer the White House made.

    "It's very clear that allegation is one that everyone from Arlen Spector to Dick Morris has said is in fact a crime, and could be impeachable," said Issa, who is threatening to file an ethics compliant if Sestak doesn't provide more details about the alleged job offer.

    "It's not about what was done wrong. It's about the cover up," Issa told Fox News. "And right now, there's a cover up going on at the White House 10 weeks after the allegation."
  18. moreluck

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    I think Rahm did it !!! In the conservatory with a rope!!
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    What does any of this have to do with gay porn, crack cocaine, and bondage clubs? Really, this thread is losing it's interesing qualities.
  20. bbsam

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    What? Auto-erotic asphyxia! Way to bring the enthusisasm back moreluck! Take notes Lue.