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    These people are crazy
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    yea that is pretty crazy alright. I remember when I was a little kid one summer a friend from school who lived in the neighborhood had the mumps. My Mom sent me to their house everyday for me to hang out with him, hoping that I would get the mumps before school started and allow me to develop an immunity as well. Another thought was the medical community had said that childhood mumps were much preferred to adult mumps. It didn't work though, never had the mumps. People get strange ideas sometimes.
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    Funny story about chickenpox. I was like 15 and it was Halloween. I had chickenpox, so I couldn't go out and raise cain(hehehehe) with my friends. My parents, being way cooler than I would have ever believed, went out and bought a bunch of eggs and toilet paper. They put me and the supplies in the back end of the truck and drove me around Brownville. God, that was fun. I love my parents.