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    We were informed on Friday that, not only is volume projected to be heavy on Monday, but for the first time our drop boxes will be picked up at their regularly scheduled times instead of being picked up early with a notice left on them. Apparently this is in response to FedEx and USPS promise to deliver Christmas gift packages on Christmas, and the idea that someone might drop a last minute package in the box believing we also will deliver on Christmas.

    Many of our boxes have 18:00 commit times.

    This right after our pcm in which we were told not to make plans with our families or plan on going to church for Eve services.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Is what it is. I've always had to pick up boxes on Christmas Eve at the regular times.
  3. over9five

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    Who's going to be delivering these packages on Christmas Day? Is there a sign up list?
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    Santa Clause
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    I heard he's not only a Teamster, but a stuart as well!
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    Nobody. It's just UPS logic.

    If the projections are accurate were all going to be out delivering well past 18:00 anyway, so it's really not a big deal. But it is a change for our center, where those few extra hours of having the boxes open take priority over giving the driver the possibility of being home earlier for the holiday evening. It just guarantees that those with the late boxes will be working well past 6:30.

    I'm sure the 3 nda letters we might gain will be worth it.

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    Pick up the ltr boxes early and deal with the consequence after.
  8. iruhnman630

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    A little side note: the subject of Christmas deliveries came up in the same discussion...If it gets into the next contract, they better be paying us triple time.

    Play Santa Clause for $90+ an hour? Sign me up.
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    I haven't delivered much past 6 all peak so if you take away my 2 hours of pickups and a few closed businesses I should be done by 5. If not, oh well.
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    I've expected Monday to be heavy from the get go. A few days ago people were looking at the calendar going oh I have 4-5 days left. Oh well I'll be out late but I'm not jumping thru hoops for anyone's ground package. When u wait that late I just don't feel sorry for u.
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    don't forsake your Southern roots * you know damn well it's pronounced santy claus
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    Claus. Is that German?
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    Derived from Saint Nicklaus
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    Actually, I was quoting a line out of a song.
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    Obviously, you like that Jew Girl song.
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    I do!

    (and I think Sarah Silverman is hot! A little weird maybe, but hot)
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    Only 1 year that I can remember have we been able to pick up the Christmas letter boxes early. Even had stickers on the box to let the customers know weeks ahead of time. Now, we have air drivers pick up the boxes, so I don't care. Those sir drivers get screwed all the time.
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    And he don't give scabs gifts either.