Christmas Eve---Saturday Air or extra work?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by UpstateNYUPSer, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. UpstateNYUPSer

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    My center is treating Christmas Eve as a Saturday Air workday and is forcing from the bottom up. I have told my mgt team that I would like to work that day but have been told by all three that they would prefer to use the air drivers and casuals. I want to work for several reasons: first, most of the younger drivers have young children and I think they should be able to spend the day with them rather than working and, second, it is easy money. My interpretation of the contract is Christmas Eve would be considered to be "extra work" and as such should be offered in seniority order.

    Setting my personal reasons for wanting to work aside, I would like your opinions as to whether Christmas Eve is extra work or Saturday Air and how staffing should be handled.
  2. brownelf

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    if they're forcing another FT guy w/less senority to work and denying you the opportunity to volunteer, I'd grieve for his hours. But as it is a saturday they can work all air drivers first regardless of senority before you.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    I would agree if these drivers were delivering air only but you and I both know that they will be delivering whatever residentials that they can before Christmas.
  4. brownelf

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    if they're delivering ground, they should be paid at the higher rate of pay. at that point if they have less seniority than you, I'd grieve it.
  5. BigUnionGuy

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    It's still Saturday Air work.... for air service....

    After that, its extra work.... And you follow your supplemental language.

    Usually, offer to the top.... then force from the bottom.

    But... hours of service available.... with a minimum of 8

    As was mentioned.... Air drivers handling ground are entitled to the premium.... And there will be ground to deliver.

  6. UPSGUY72

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    Yesterday are manager told us that they where putting a list up Monday for anyone that wanted to work next Sat. If not enough drivers sign they are forcing from the bottom.

    IF they don't let you work by seniority next Sat. I would grieve it and get the free money. Better yet have every driver in your building that didn't get to work grieve it.
  7. outta hours

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    Next Saturday is not a holiday. There should not be any "forcing" to work. It is no different from any other Saturday. Your work week is Mon-Fri or Tue-Sat. You cannot be forced a 6th report. They may "tell" you lots of things but this is the bottom line. If you volunteer to work a 6th report you will be paid at 1 1/2 times your hourly rate for all hours worked. You cannot work over 60 hrs. UPS rule is 58 but DOT is 60.

    If you do volunteer you are guaranteed 8 hours if you are full time. I imagine it will be hard for anyone after Fri to have 8 hours left available. You can agree to work less. ( why I do not know) if you choose. So relax enjoy Christmas Eve with your family for once. And pay no attention to the harassment, intimidation, fear, threats, etc. that you will endure this week. You will get it because your center team will be working and they are mad that you won't. And remember YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WORK THIS OR ANY OTHER SATURDAY.

    Merry Christmas.
  8. kingOFchester

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    Spoke to my BA on Friday. He said "if UPS is operating, they can force us to work".
  9. browndevil

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    Your reasons are exactly my reasons for working Christmas Eve, let the drivers with young families stay home. I just hope I have the 4 hours available by Friday to qualify me
  10. hellfire

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    not if your in CS,, no forced 6th report
  11. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Extra work by seniority here.


    Is it true that they CANT force a 6th report? They are threatening to do this to me and Im not wanting to work Saturday for personal family issues. Im already scheduled 5. I am in the CS.
  13. JonFrum

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    Saturdays are normally "air only" days. If Air Drivers deliver an unexpected ground package, or pick-up more than a few unexpected ground packages, they get Package Driver's Rate.

    But December 24 isn't just any Saturday. So if it's known in advance that ground packages (Christmas presents) are to be delivered as a matter of Company Policy, then they should be delivered by senior Package Car Drivers as sixth punch extra work.

    But check your Supplement. My New England Supplement has this gem: "Sunday and Saturday work shall be apportioned among the regular employees in a manner determined by the Local Union and Employer."

    So your Local can sell you down the river if it wants to. (Mine is treating Saturday as a sixth punch.)
  14. User Name

    User Name Only 230 Today?? lol

    Last time I checked they can't come to your house, get you dressed, drive you to work, punch you in, and make you do anything. Forced is your interpretation of what ever that means. I know I won't be working Christmas Eve. Remember next year is leap year so eve is on a monday so we will be working and working late.
  15. Dragon

    Dragon Package Center Manager

    Here is the way we are working it in my center. The BA and shop steward are both in agreement.

    1. Who has the DOT hours left to work, from this group we will work in this order...

    2. Premium drivers, 22.3 air drivers and T-S punches.

    3. Reg. Temps

    4. Volunteers (seniority prevails, bumps #2 above)

    5. Force from the bottom up on seniority list.

    Customer counter will be open until 5pm.

    Upstate makes a great personal statement, he his giving his co-workers a chance to spend time with the family over the holidays he knows what its like to miss out on these special occasions.

    Remember we will be servicing a lot of customers who will be shipping at the last minute. Say what you want but there will be a lot of smiles on Saturday when we make those deliveries so with that said, don't be a grinch on Saturday...
  16. hellfire

    hellfire no one considers UPS people."real" Teamsters.-BUG

    im guessing your not in central states
  17. brown_trousers

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    Wait a sec.... Are you saying a regular hub worker can bump me, being an pt air driver, from working this saturday?
  18. BigUnionGuy

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    Do you mean the Central Region ?

    I don't know why people keep referring to it as the Central States....

    You might want to check with your Local before making that statement.

    Unless your Local has some sort of prevailing seniority practice, they can schedule you.

    Post a start time.... And, if you have 8 hrs available.... guess what ?

  19. dilligaf

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    ‚ÄčTo my understanding, NO. Senior FT volunteers can bump less senior FT on Saturday work. All PT are guaranteed Sat work first.
  20. Backlasher

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    All I know is if I touch a ground package this Saturday, I better get Freaking ground rate and if so, I will help everyone under the sun and get all the time I can, LoL. Call center, U need me 4 more, I'm clean again. $$$ talks. They saved enough $$ using me. Done with that.