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  1. Integrity

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    I have been meaning to address this for some time but I have been very busy with my family.

    The December 5, 2011 Safety Calendar in the CHSP Activity Section referenced a document titled the CHSP Committee Member Handbook.

    I have since asked some long time and short time Employee Health and Safety Committee Members about this document and not one has ever heard of it.


    Are there any BC members hourly or management who know any thing about this document?

    I am very curious as to why all Employee Health and Safety Committee members would not be supplied a handbook, let alone not know of it's existence?


  2. PiedmontSteward

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    I heard it describes the most ergonomic methods for handling trays of chicken wings and checking off shoe audits.
  3. Returntosender

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    Never heard of it. Only book we have is a binder called a 12pt safety binder.
  4. Integrity

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    Are you a member of a safety committee?

  5. Integrity

    Integrity Binge Poster


    Interesting answer. Are you a member of a safety committee?

  6. texan

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    One question I ask.

    Why do you always dig for details that might expose or narrow down posters and expose their true identity?

    Are you really LP or a Corporate fact finder? Think deep and pray about my about my question.

    People come to vent without specifics, and you grill them for details that might
    narrow down who they really are.

  7. Integrity

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    What are these details that you claim I am digging for?

    In what way is this trying to expose or narrow down posters?

    I asked if they were on a safety committee to get a point of reference from which I can evaluate their comments.

    I am not LP or a Corporate fact finder.

    Maybe you can participate in the topic of the discussion.

  8. texan

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    This discussion is not best on public forum.

    You have perfomed the inquisition on me in the past and I declined to answer.

    Enough from me. I just do not trust you.

  9. Integrity

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    I do not know what you are talking about.

    I am sorry you feel this way.

    This is the Brown Cafe and I am in the UPS discussions sub forum.

    I'm not sure what you are expecting here but I think it is a perfect place to discuss UPS related issues.

    I not sure but have you ever tried to reach out to me privately in a attempt to alleviate your concerns.