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A member of a church was embezzling funds from his company.

This member donated a large percentage of these funds in large payments to the church.

The company became aware that this person stole the money and had given a large sum of money to the church.

While the company was seeking restitution from this person, he died.

The company then sought restitution from the church for the funds that the man had stolen and had given the church.

Through paperwork evidence it was determined and agreed upon by the church that the person had given and the church unknowningly recieved $150,000 of stolen funds over the course of 3 years.

The money was spent.

Should the church desire to pay back the stolen funds entirely or should they hire an attorney to negotiate the settlement to less than the full amount?


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Receiving stolen property. What is the law governing that?

This sounds like Robin Hood.

The guy died? Have any gold fillings?


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It's a sad situation and *if the church is in a position to do so, it should make reparations but it's not obliged to do so. The church probably budgeted this money and legitimately spent it.

The bisiness owner, ultimately has a responsibility to safeguard it's funds from the dead crook.