City senior says UPS played Grinch at Christmas

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    City senior says UPS played Grinch at Christmas - Edmonton Sun

    Grosvenor, 69, a retired forensic accountant and self-described "senior-citizen and then some," was expecting a shipment of goods from New York state for resale before Christmas. But he says the deal went sour when UPS failed to deliver the goods, letting them sit at an Edmonton warehouse because of a lack of workers to process them.

    "UPS are admitting they had two tractor-trailer loads of Christmas packages sitting in Edmonton for at least 15 days," he said.
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    Order it 16 days sooner next year, Bill.
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    There does seem to be a real shortage of workers in Edmonton. While visiting there last year almost every business had a help wanted sign on the front door. Many places had a 500$ bonus to start. They also paid between 12-15 $ an hour at fast food places. One restaurant we were in had only half of it open because the didn't have enough waitstaff, and there were people standing in line for a table. Not sure what UPS pays in Canada but they will have to compete with the market to get the people hired to get the job done.