Class C Indiana D/L Needed

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  1. JellyDonuts

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    Hello -

    I was recently called regarding seasonal package driving but told that I need an Indiana Class C driver's license.

    After calling the local BMV, I was told that I would need a DOT physical followed by a written test. If I passed, I would have a Class C learner's permit, until taking the skills test at a third party site. Does UPS train you on their trucks with a learner's permit prior to taking the skills test?

    How do I pass a skills test without driving a truck first for practice?

    Any help with this is appreciated...
  2. over9five

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    If you will be driving a Package Car (the UPS trucks you see every day delivering), you should only need the license you already have.
    You WILL need the DOT physical.

    From the Indiana DMV website:
    "CLASS C . . .allows you to operate vehicles under 26,001 lbs. GVWR, that would normally not require a CDL; except when they are designed to transport 16 or more persons including the driver; or that carry 15 or less people (including the driver) transporting children to or from school and home regularly for compensation, or carry hazardous materials in amounts requiring placarding. Applicable endorsements are required."

    You do not need this to be a UPS Package Driver. Someone gave you bad information, or you applied for a job other than Package driver.
  3. Covemastah

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    Do you have a regular drivers licsense to drive a car ?? if so thats all you need for a lic.. You should also know how to drive a stick because most of our trucks are manuel .UPS will send you to their Dr. for your DOT card & I'm pretty sure they will pay for it as your a casual & not a fulltimer I'm not 100 % on that part. If you cant drive,apply for a drivers helper.If you fail the UPS road test,ask to re/try later & put you on the list to at least work inside or as a helper.I would borrrow a friends or family members car/truck that has a stick & learn it if you want the job...Good Luck & hope this helped...
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    I'm in Indiana so I can help with this one. To drive a package car here you need a chauffeur's license. Basically all you have to do is go to the BMV and you retake the written test. It's the same as the normal written test, but it has an extra 4 questions on there that you have to answer correctly regarding gross vehicle weight, number of allowed passengers, something regarding tandem axle vehicles, and one other question which I cannot recall right now. Anyways, you can get the answers to these questions in the driving manual which is available to study at your BMV or online at . I know this to be true because I drive a package car in Indiana and all I have is a chauffeur's license.
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    Not all are trucks are Manuel,some are Jose.

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    OMG that is REALLY funny. By the way, I'm also in IN and brett gave the correct answer.
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    Cach is correct. My truck is Jose.
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